Apa ini notifikasi Facebook gila?

Was looking through my mail spammed with Facebook notifications and I saw this :


  'Natalie menulis pada Dinding saya' ??

Why change my Facebook setting to bahasa melayu?




I'm already cheesed by Facebook being slow and all. Now this happens all by itself.


Then I get this a bit further down.


Oooh. Aku sudah dapat Rakan baru.





Pautan! Is that what 'link' is called?

And what is 'memaparkan profil' ?

Which genius decided to use the word 'beliau' ?

I can imagine the translator pulling his hair out if he tries to translate more high-tech words.


So while I was thinking..my itchy finger decided to really find out how facebooking in pure Malay would be like.



..And bravely ventured into the unknown.






Holy shit.



Navigation sounds screwed up.


Now I know what 'inbox' is in Malay.


My status message goes:


Buat apa tu?


What happens when you're tagged in an album?



If you're hungry, you get fed with news.

'Suaplah' saya - *aummm*


The very popular 'poke' application is now called:



When you comment on a photo, it becomes:






When you wanna see which friends of yours are online.



Last but not least..for some reason, Facebook seems to think that Malay users have some sort of physical dysfunction. image


Send 'Surat Komplen' in full Malay to Pasukan Facebook then only they know. obscene betul. CIS.



P.S. I think a couple making love in Malay would sound like a comedy more than anything else. Daymn. Sayang abang.

6 commentos:

Christine said...

i got the same notifikasi too! this posting menggelikan hati...kahkahkakhak..

maRCus said...

OMG.. i havent checkd mine, but i cant seem to load it now.. must be facebook now TENGAH MENYELENGGARA PERTUKARAN BAHASA lar.. hahahaa..

ps. you really geng ah. FB like THIs oso can make a post! geng! LOL

Ashleyteng said...

alrite. that really make me LAUGH! i never tried the BM version b4,, but i tell u the translation is bad lor... alamak.. pautan..? peti masuk ok lar.. dicuit? hehehe.... ''buat apa tu''? damn! that's farney!!!!

Ji Yuan said...

dude,facebook runs fast on google chrome..check it out!

Katherine Ong said...

Haha Evo...i love this blog of yours....and you are super funny man!!

EVo said...

[Christine] Yeah i laughed to myself when i read it again lol..lame but true!

[maRCus] Memang me-mafan-kan orang la bro..didja get this same problem? but now mine ok liao..after i menterjemahkan balik twice now no more malay notifikasi. yahuu..

[Ashleyteng] If i try another one...i'll try chinese one wuahahaha. see what i get :D

[Ji Yuan] That so man??? Thanks...i'll try it out! if it's true that's awesome man.

[Katherine Ong] Omg omg it's Kat!! HIIIIIIIIEEE.....why ur blog is stuck at Perhentian...that's 2004! ^^

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