Cry Like a Chee Bye, ZOUK's Vth Anniversary

I really don't know how to explain how the title came about, but it was something that Renee said in the car on the way to Zouk that made me laugh.

She said so candidly 'something something, sure cry like a cheebye'. So I also said candidly 'let's make that our next post title!'. Sure enough someone else was crazy enough to agree to that xD

Cheebye can cry one?

Technically / biologically possible, but the comparison was funny at the moment. It don't seem so funny now lol, but in the car, everyone was high..


Coz we were 15 minutes to ZOUK KL's 5th Anniversary party. Thanks Advertlets - Josh - Zouk!



I always loved Zouk's dome design with phazing colors. The designer is a genius.


We came together! Clockwise - Renee, EGo, Ellie Missycheerio, Me



This post is gona be fuuuuuul of pics...You have been warned! Of coz at the end I've got the link where you can all get the pics. Nice, full-sized and sexy. =)


We were early. Very early...who goes clubbing at 9pm one? But we were told that it started that time so we came that time..Supposed to be VIP, but where's d red carpet?? che-wah lagak.  xD




Dunno what this dude saw but I like this candid shot.


There were props all over the place, aliens / dancing objects, harujuku girls, and every other thing you could imagine!



Zouk_5th_Anni09_48 copy 
Were these mushrooms or spring rolls? I have no idea.






But all I knew was that there was LIGHT and COLORS. Enough to drive any photographer wild ^o^


And of course, there were the people. It was total fun, being able to recognize faces and yelling 'HEYYYYYYY so and so,Whasuppppp!! You look great!'


I tell you, the girls were so, very, dressed to kill. Wowie.


Natalie Fong with the amazing electric eyes.

Natalie is just so easy-going and friendly. As if we knew each other for years! Real Nice.


Xinny, Josh Lim, Ellie Missycheerio, Ching Mun.
Zouk_5th_Anni09_69 copy


Me and Ching Mun got off to a pretty good start...she went and burnt me with her butt.


Cigarette butt, I mean. On my right index finger.. Wah pain haha.


We guys also boleh tahan ok! Derek-funky hair-Yap, EGo, Renee and me. I am a Poser.



Hmmm... cool or not, you decide xD


It's Vanes and Ellie!


The first thing I tried to do when I saw Vanes was to try poke her eyes thru her frames...yeah it's that Specs-Without-Lens-fad that's happening now. I don't know why though! But it was funny lolllx.


The EGo and The Ellie .


Khai Ling of!


She is sooooo cute. She calls me 'Gym-boy' now coz we happen to be in the same gym, Me + Psychkin and Khai Ling + her guy. OK Gym-Girl, have it your way :P  It was really nice seeing ya again! =)


I also met other happening people that night...Gerald Cheong but I didn't get a pic with him,

Taken in Breakers in February.


Aaron Ho aka Cincau Hangus in the house!


Celine Yap who I didn't get a photo with..


UncleJosh was there snapping for Zouk but I didn't get a pic of him either.


The pretty Satira of Envy magazine...
Zouk_5th_Anni09_80 copy



And Ryan Chong whom I didn't get to meet.


All the babes together now!


I had the chance to meet someone whose work I've admired for some time already. Real smashing photography which is damn nice. It's Andy Kho!


Look at the monster he's carrying lol... Super machine. Sorry lah, I didn't get a shot of his face haha so this is the best I have.

Andy's just fantastically friendly...awfully nice guy =) Nice meeting you bro!


We entered Zouk main room only at 11...yes, we were expected to wait outside for 1 1/2 hours before entering. How caaaaan??

But good thing that while we were waiting...Heineken saved the day! Free flow!


Leather jacket damn hot so beer helps water it down xD xD


Zouk_5th_Anni09_34 copy 
Ee Leong and!


This is a shot of Renee and Missycheerio that I like very much.





When the doors opened, we rushed in all ready to knock ourselves out! Finally we met Amanda!

Zouk_5th_Anni09_82 copy


I know she's dressed a little like know, that bird with a long neck, occasionally bald, some feathers around the body...ah, yes, ostrich. But I wasn't surprised coz when I called her when we reached, I already saw her suit. I wonder if she was one of the props or not hahahaaaaa....


Girly siao shot!




Unfortunately, we tried to get a table in the mainroom but there was none. Damn...what happened to the value of VIP -__-

Josh came to the rescue and got us a table + drinks in Phuture where we met more bloggers. :)

Zouk_5th_Anni09_101 copy

L2R Ee Leong, Ching Mun, Xinny, Renee, Ellie, EGo, insert name (twice, sorry guys), Vanessa, Josh.




Vanessa Gan is one sweet girl!


If you club and don't wake up with a hangover the next day, it's not real. Why why did this happen on a Thursday instead of a Friday! By the time the dance floor got hot, us working people had to to get our asses home instead of having fun...damn fail lor.


I could've been dancing instead of just posing with lovely Levy Li. Sighs.Zouk_5th_Anni09_109 copy


Or with Natalie Lynn.
Zouk_5th_Anni09_114 copy


Photo thanks to Natalie Lynn!



Or with 3 of these girls at one go.



Instead, all I could do was pose :(


Purposely put a muram face lolx.


But most of all, I wanted to dance with her....


But she had other plans :(


Sorry I couldn't make it for your competition Mel! I'm sure you did your best...will do me best to be there next time =)



All in, I had a smashing time that night. But because we were headed off early, we missed out on this!


2624_61092697637_559097637_1712578_1584010_n 2624_61092707637_559097637_1712580_3171791_n


Aiseh. Having to work sux  xD



Happy Birthday Zouk!


And as promised, here's the link to all d pics above  >

Last 2 photos credits to Renee.


And do check out these other great links on what Josh Lim, Ellie Missycheerio, Natalie Fong, Joyce, Ching Mun, Alvin have to say on that night =)




How was your Earth Day today?


I was at the event at Pyramid today and guess who was the emcee?


Xandria Ooi!

So I went and said hi =)




Genuine effort in saving the environment or publicity stunt? What's your say?


More in the next post!



5 commentos:

Renee Tay said...

HAHAHAHHA. The title. man
i remember i said something like..
i love the movie "Marley & Me" i cried like cheebyeee ... bla bla bla.

renaye said...

wah .. i have never been to this kind of party before!

Celine said...

Wah lau! Need or not, you go put curi my picture to put there. Hahaha...

Leonard said...

btw bro.
just a quick note...

Xandra is Sunway Pyramid's Ambassador. *laugh*

This post have damn lotsa pix.. but still i cant seem to find "THE ONE PICTURE" i'm looking for.. *ahem*

O yea.. make sure after April 25th you'll have a post with double the amount of pix as than this one yea ? ehehehe

EVo said...

[renee] oh yes! marley and me now i remember!it was the way u said it la renee...beh tahan xD

[renaye] well make sure next time u go when i'm there so that i can meet up with u! =)

[Celine] becoz hor..all d pics that i have of u has paintball facemask on! lolx....

[Leonard] Aiseh..if u can call it 'THE ONE PICTURE', u know i can't post it riiiight ahahaa...

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