Krispy Kreme’s Media Launch @ Times Square omg donuts!

Are you ready?













Krispy_Kreme_Launch_76 Krispy_Kreme_Launch_75


The long wait is over. Krispy Kreme is in town!!

J Co and Big Apple, be very afraid.

Because you didn’t give me free donuts, I’m now an avid fan of KK. See how generous they are?

















I’m not sure exactly how we’ll finish 2 dozen donuts tomorrow, but we’ll finish it anyhow xD

The media launch took place on a very busy Friday evening, where I innocently took the Federal Hi-way to KL. I thought it was still early until I saw…..


Damn crazy. One of the worse congestions I’ve been through. Lucky that it cleared up after Midvalley, coz the jam was from the bottleneck entering Seremban Highway. Any ideas what’s Seremban special this weekend? Seremban Siew Pau Launch?

Anyhow, the good news is, I got there in time. Early, in fact :)Krispy_Kreme_Launch_03 Krispy_Kreme_Launch_05












We were hungry so we grabbed some Pizza at Papa John next door. Pretty good stuff. Thanks for the recommendation Josh. Next time eat the real Habanero peppers instead of the pickled ones you had today LOL.Krispy_Kreme_Launch_09

But we wanted more. Our hunger was insatiable….nothing could stop us from getting within reach of those donuts….

Except for kebabs that were served just before the opening ceremony ^^

This is Cecilia, winner of So You Think You Can Dance, Season 2.Krispy_Kreme_Launch_20

She wouldn’t dance for me no matter how hard I pestered her.


Ego, Joshua Chay, Missycheerio doing their thang! Eat those kebabs dammit lol.

Pretty Candice and macho boyfriend were also anxiously waiting for donuts. Krispy_Kreme_Launch_19


Welcome speech by Dato Vincent Lee and Jeff Welch.Krispy_Kreme_Launch_26Krispy_Kreme_Launch_27 Business minded people that I need to learn from. And whom I wished the speech ended faster so I could get my hands on that yummy, glazed piece of pastry.

The whole show was officiated by the switching on of the symbolic logo that was synonymous to KK in all branches worldwide…..Krispy_Kreme_Launch_30




Immediately, KK’s two most important guests were invited to usher the guests in.Krispy_Kreme_Launch_55


At this point, my heart and stomach were a-flutter. Where was the donuts? How would I find them? Would they be available? All these questions shot across my mind until suddenly, an angel came and asked me…



Would you like a donut, sir?

Yes! Krispy_Kreme_Launch_36


Yes! Yes! Yes!

How did it taste?

It’s sweet. Nicely sweet for most people, a little on the high side for some people. And the dough, oh the dough, it’s crazy good when it’s hot. So make sure you give it a spin in the microwave when you tapau.



And on this day, one of my on-the-spot new year resolutions was fulfilled. I finally met Hannah Tan in person, after hearing so much of her.


She’s really friendly, down to earth and she looks even better in person. I was so happy lor. Haha.

And without fail….all bloggers unite!!Krispy_Kreme_Launch_63


Yes, when I say bloggers, I mean bloggers, including EGo who’s finally started his own blog at, after much persistent ‘encouragement’ from unknown forces lol.

It’s Michelle and me!Krispy_Kreme_Launch_68


Krispy_Kreme_Launch_64, Joshua Chay, EGo, Rachel, Missycheerio.

Rachel’s so sporting. Beh tahan her wei. AHahaaa…

Krispy_Kreme_Launch_72, Missycheerio, Evo, Evie-cute-cheeks, Sebastian.

Oh yes, do not be fooled by Sebastian’s apparent good-boy demeanor. He’s a silent killer in reality. More will be revealed in the next post….muah aa aha ha haaa…



Mix.Fm’s Pietro finds that donuts ain’t enough and wants to tapau the whole board home.



Yes, our dinner was at KFC lor. Everything else was closing already.


AND, Last but not Least, and probably most importantly…Krispy_Kreme_Launch_69





Loving them donuts so much, even Shadow agrees lol!Krispy_Kreme_Launch_80


For nice full sized pics, click here to download them all.

Thanks Leonard & Josh for the invites..Great time!

I’m gona do some really last minute packing now. It’s 4.20, with no sleep last night and I gota get to Leonard’s place by 5. But as long as there’s driver *ahemsebastianahem* we can always sleep in the car hahaa..

I hope I’ll get internet in Penang. That’ll be cun!


11 commentos:

Leonard said...

its 455 d. See u in 5mins time !! *laugh*

Seems like u had lotsa fun out there bro.

Tak nampak muka aku langsung. Seduh... :(

Takpe Takpe...

Josh Lim said...

Wah, so semangat! That was fast. Have fun in Penang!

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Damn, I think you no need to tell us so much, Shadow alone can tell me the whole thing through its reaction, bluek sedap xD

I want eat Hannah Tan la wei... Hungry

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Had a happy weekends @ Penang! :)

Baldwin said...

fuhh!!.. can feel ur excitement anticipating the launch...*lol..

seremban siew pau launch !!!<< ROFL!!

eGo said...

wahahhahahahahaha thx for the promo !

maRCus said...

OMG EVo...

could you please spare your dog the shame?!! this is the reason dogs BITE PEOPLE. haih. @_@

@ Eu Gene, good job on the new blog (woohoo), but pls dont steal my signature pose!!! Ill sue you for copy right!! XD XD XD

EVo said...

[Leonard] No pic of u coz u were busy bersosial with people on the top floor ma..while we were on the bottom floor hhaha jkjk. next post u will see!

[Josh] Of course man..thanks for d comment!

[Hensem Ahmike] Yes...but did u know for him to look like he 'bluek sedap' i gota waste 20 shots for that one shot...lucky not film xD

[Tian Chad] Yeah had a great one! how about u?

[Baldwin] U gave me the exact feedback i needed. thanks yo.

[eGo] u think free one?

[maRCus] yo ah soon!my dog's looks good on camera just like his master ok :P

★ whoaamello ★ said...

I LOVE Krispy Kreme and I'm so glad we have it here now. I just wish they'd have picked a better, more accessible location like One Utama or anywhere else in PJ instead of Times Square... ]]=

Thanks for coming by BTW and for leaving a comment!

EVo said...

[whoaamello] Pleasure! well times square's under berjaya n so is krispy i guess it makes sense to do so. can save big bucks on rental and overhead!

Anonymous said...

wow nice!
hoping to get a bite soon! haha.. =D

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