Words cannot express...

..how much I thank her for being my source of strength and inspiration..

..how much I appreciate her support..

..what I feel when she tells me 'it's alright, it's ok'..

..the rush of blood when I get her little messages..


It's a little, but it's a lot.

Honestly, I can't ask for more. (Let me emo abit tonight can)

a Happy guy ^o^

4 commentos:

Uncle Sam said...


Very cute card.

maRCus said...

haha.why lar so emo. i dun geddit. =/

Ashleyteng said...

alamak marcus... that's a card from his gf la... haha...

fuiyo so romantic wor.. =P

EVo said...

[Uncle Sam] Evo emo can :P

[maRCus] I got a soft spot ma..see where u press only. keke.

[ashleyteng] Hmm hmm.. *paiseh*

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