Groovin' Coconuts

I'm just back from the soft launch of my good ol' friend Vishnu's new joint.

It's called Govinds!

Jacob, Phoebe, Psychkin & me were there today.




And of course, tauke was there :DGovindSoftLaunch_10


Very nice place. nestled in busy Klang, near the Kesas highway.GovindSoftLaunch_02


Kidding only. THIS is Govind's.GovindSoftLaunch_22 



Serving an exotic selection of Asian and continental fusion gourmet, it's probably the next most happening restaurant you'll find there. The food's great, though there was only Asian cuisine today. Would've loved to have tried the continental, but it's available only after the main launch. I sure will gona be there =)

And the setup was mainly handled by Vishnu. Pretty impressive, friend.

Terrace Seats:GovindSoftLaunch_11



I likes this show shutter shot of the fountain at the front:GovindSoftLaunch_16


















Buffet area (model not included):GovindSoftLaunch_27


Indoor seats - it's empty cause the indoor's not opened yet.GovindSoftLaunch_45


Chillax area (again, models not included)GovindSoftLaunch_40



Group shot!GovindSoftLaunch_33




Tauke's auntie shot haha.



And finally, tauke posing as cashier. Wah damn garang hahaaa..GovindSoftLaunch_46

Kidding. Vishnu's a damn nice guy :) although he can get pretty technical in conversations sometimes. But hey, we're engineers. Nothing else compares :P

My hair looks weird a haircut and the lady made it a little short on one side, leaving me looking a bit like a coconut. But no, that's not why I called this post Groovin' Coconuts. Just that Govind's parent company is called Coconut Groove =)

And you'll find Govind's at:

No.136, Jalan Persiaran Raja Muda Musa,
41100 Klang, Selangor.

Tel : 03-33710640

Do let me know if you need help getting to the place. It's open tomorrow onwards!



I'll post only a few pics for now,coz I'm rushing to sleep. Tomorrow will be an exciting day for me at the Malaysian International Dance Championship 2009 in Genting.



I'm gona be there from 10am - 5pm as the media.

Okay lah. Self-proclaimed & shiok sendiri media keke. And team support for our dance kaki Wei Luen.

Will you be going? If you see me there...wave like mad ok! ;)


4 commentos:

maRCus said...

with tht DSRL, you go WHERE oso can be media larh.. =_="

永遇乐 said...

Enjoy being a media there! :)

Uncle Sam said...

Bro ! You got to show me how to go to that place someday ! Haha. XD

EVo said...

[maRCus] la dude..difference is that i dun get moshpit seats lor! >_<

[tienchad] Yeah i sure had fun (watching) snapping there hahaaa..

[Uncle Sam] will do man. i'm already planning to bring y'all there ady =)

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