Quiksilver & Roxy made me miss Sushi king :(

So this is how a media goodie bag looks like.Q&Rfashion09_39

Wahhh!! *budak kampung running around with joy*

That came from yesterday’s Fashion Week event with Quiksilver & Roxy up on stage in Midvalley.

It’s kinda funny that I never posted for a week, and all of a sudden I’m talking about a fashion launch.

I’ll tell you why.

Remember I was without my PC for a week? I had it sent for repair..and for a whole week, I was using I.E. Which naturally sucked, was slow, couldn’t open many tabs without lagging..

..in short, the least conducive blogging environment. I couldn’t update myself with other people’s blogs (sorry!) without getting frustrated. So, blogging-mood went down to an all new low level. And so did Facebooking.

Strangely, I found that it wasn’t such a bad thing. I had more time for rest / focus in work / etc. I could even sleep early coz I knew the damn replacement PC wouldn’t load anything for me when I’m back at 11pm. So shower, read, sleep.

Makes me wonder. Did I really need all these? Do I really need all these?

I guess that could go on, and eventually go crazy wondering if I got tagged in some photo / invited to some event / stalked by a hot chick / blacklisted by readers etc…

Sigh. Needs and wants. And since I’m here, you can guess that I gave in xD

Nigel Sia is this big, friendly guy who invited us that day.Q&Rfashion09_03

He’s using the same 40D as me, but the way he holds it makes it look like a really small toy.

I knew that when three of us (Missycheerio, EGo and me) went, pics would look totally unbalanced. I was right…damn. I’m like this tiang lampu that shiok sendiri take pics with the couple…Psychkin, you should have come :’(


Notice how the couple seem to be ‘edging away’ from me. Terrible people.



Celine Yap and her friend *im sorry i forgot your name!*Q&Rfashion09_06


Kel Li & El Li hahaaaaa…Q&Rfashion09_07


These guys saved me..I was starving!Q&Rfashion09_10


The Emcee – Joey G. the VJ!Q&Rfashion09_12


I couldn’t quite get it that he was reading his entire script from his page-note. I think 8 out of 10 words he was looking down at the paper. The other 2 words were things like ‘um’, ‘quiksilver’, ‘roxy’. Maybe it was intentional so that he looked sexier while looking down instead of at the audience. Individual taste gua..


On with the show! OK I’m gona try something new with this ‘Album feature’ I found in Windows Live Writer.


Hey. It looks not too bad wor.

Click here to see my FB pic stream if you wanna check out more *ahem* clearer model shots.

This is what I call Sexy Back. Or Sexy Bag, if you want.Q&Rfashion09_30




The theme for that night was Hawaiian / Smart Casual..I seem to be the only one complying to Hawaiian…I guess Smart Casual is more In now.Q&Rfashion09_35

EGo, me, Joey G, Derek Yap.

Cincau Hangus Aaron Ho. He’s always everywhere man, don’t play play.Q&Rfashion09_36


That night was also the night where I missed out on RM2 sushi with Rames & Friends coz by the time we were done, they sapu all the plates and chao already. Look at this..I thought that the queue at McD lunch was bad alreadyQ&Rfashion09_01.


I’m joining the Taylor’s ‘Mass Colympics’ Pball tourney tomorrow..it does sound like fun. Can’t wait to check out Xtion Paintball.. or what they call the ‘muddiest field ever’!

By the way, this is me, in my future paintball suit. Sure brings back the nostalgia of Counter Strike eh? heh heh..!



Lastly, thanks to those who’s been patiently commenting the past few days…It’s slow, but I’m ‘back’ and will be responding soon a’ight? :D

Meanwhile, thanks for the invite Nigel, great job!


2 commentos:

Anonymous said...

nice pics of the roxy models! =D

Nigelais said...

Your welcome! =)

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