Rebellz goes Live!

I love fashion launches. Especially when bloggers are involved.

Advertlets and Josh were very kind to have me with them again at the latest Rebellz fashion launch.


Rebellz is a new fashion label proudly brought to you by not 1 designer but...



FIVE very attractive hot-blooded females with a lust for clothes (or the lack thereof). Click pic above to check out Rebellz's site.

Or, alternatively, you can visit (from left) Hui Jean, Melissa Tan, Ju Nn, Sonia, Natalia. Sorry I only have two links ^^

So when I got the invite, quite naturally I didn't turn it down lor ^o^ Tell me how could I man haha.

And this time, look who I brought along:

Rebellz09 Rebellz19

I managed to get Psychkin and EGo along with me. yahoo! xD


I don't come here often but once is enough for me to fall in love with Soho. Such a pretty part of town.

And after walking a few streets, Psychkin and me decided not to eat at Michaelangelo coz there was already one at Pyramid. Why come all the way here to eat something you can have elsewhere near home right?

So we ate at : Ole Ole Bali.


Rebellz14 Rebellz15











I know I know..Pyramid has an Ole Ole Bali too I forgot! LOL I felt quite dumb haha.

We were joined by EGo and the cute MissyCheerio with a crazy dress that I couldn't guys can't take eyes off it.





Earlier on I mentioned that I love fashion launches especially when bloggers are involved...reason being, once the photo session won't stop! We were just in time for a major camwhoring session right at the tightest spot at the bar!



This space was juuuuuust enough for 4 people to pass thru, and I felt it was the perfect spot for pics wahahaha. Just leave it to Smashpop and Rames to get the session started :D



Wei Wei, Isabella, Jen, Psychkin, MissyCheerio and someone's hand with the beer mug.



Rames da Nikon wide-lens kaki.



My shot; but kinda fail...white balance wrong, lens wrong, no diffuser but i'm trying to get all that fixed soon soon soon ^^Oh look, David Lai da magician was also there at the top left corner haha..

Damn fun lor meeting up with them and Leonard, Sebastian and Vanes. Hiyah, Marcus and Sam, where were you guys!!

These are the Top Four finalists of the Most-Hensem-Guys-of-The-Night competition. I won quite easily of course.


I like this shot of Ellie =)




From far I saw this guy and he looked's Alvin!


This guy damn babi one. Always away in Thailand on 'business' and when he's back we never get to meet. And suddenly I met him there haha!

We finally met each other's gfs and I got to meet his gf AiLeng finally, who's really cute and blogs too. Apparently they're engaged wor in FB. And I didn't even know ^^





The world is so small that Psychkin bumped into Joe Yee, old school friend and Brian + friend from Boy's Brigade!




Catwalk starts!




Hosted by Daniella Sya whom I wished spent more time onstage so I could take more shots of her ^^



Rebellz45 Rebellz47














And here are the two designers themselves, Hui Jean & Ju Nn..I couldn't tell who was who memory damn fail haha.




Looks who's in the hoooooooouse! Caprice!























This is what I call a Sexy shot ^o^



Know who Caprice is? It's the dude who gave us Fantasy Girls that plays on radio now. When I first saw him that night I thought he was just some local wannabe rapper hahahahaa sorry la dude. Your fashion sense is too...localized :D good news is that I like Fantasy Girls =)



Groupie Shots!!Rebellz36

 MissyCheerio, *friend*, Katrina, *friend*, *friend*. Do let me know if you know their names or better still, their blogs.

I like this one =)Rebellz37

EGo, guest, guest, Sonia, MissyCheerio, guest, guest, Leonard, Sebastian, Josh, guest, guest, Wei Wei, guest, guest, Stephanie. I didn't get to know all of them ^^

Pair-pair shots:

Rebellz67  Rebellz69



Do you smellllll S-c-a-n-d-a-l-o-u-s ...!



EGo and Sexybackcheerio!


Wei Wei keeps saying that I have a comic-face. But she didn't say if it's 'Bugs-Bunny' comic or 'Johnny Depp' comic. Oh well up to you LOL.



It's Vanes hoho!!




I'm so happy I got to meet Stephanie again..this girl is so fun and so nice. Apparently she doesn't like taking photos. Check out pic above, go figure :D












And finally...


I also must do hamsup face pose with Psychkin wuahahaha. Quite good right.

The only glitch was that the free flow drinks ended waaaay too soon before the party started. Come on.. people get thirsty very quickly one mar..>_<

It was pretty crammy inside too. Not that clubs are normally roomy, but Goddezz was really, quite small. Perfect for smaller events, I guess. A/c was fine too. Other than that everything was cool. Smoking is allowed too, as with most other clubs.




Awesome place with awesome lighting.


Rebellz78 Rebellz80


Congrats to Rebellz for a successful launch and Advertlets for a great event. Thanks Josh for saving me those invites. Can't wait for more yo! :D


(1) here to get the original pics from my server.
(2) Smashpop, rames, perfectionista, ailengmiao, josh lim, missycheerio and vyroxy for their posts and cool photos on the event.


6 commentos:

maRCus said...

waaa... rebelzz you blog lar.. MY NPL..? why, because no pretty girls izit?!! T__T

#1. the pic of the female hostess dam chun!!

#2. the pic with ur bro and missycheerio's back quite... 0.o your bro oso quite the scandalous eh! LOL

#3. you put alot of effort in this post eh. i expect to see no less for your NPL post.

(#3. is a direct excercise of team captains veto power. XD)

EVo said...

[maRCus] Brudder!yeah lo after this will be mynpl post haha..i'm constantly reminded by the bruise on my finger that there's a long pending post :D

#1 She's damn pretty right!

#2. I call it...SexybackCheerio!

#3. Yes capton!

Axiao said...

wow, i like missycheerio top more than those on the catwalk.

that's what we call it secy without revealing too much.

I like!!

Ashleyteng said...

yer! that hamsap face! haha

well i agree that you have comic face lar evo! i did realised that your face look not only photogenic, but also looks cutie cutie also, i just can't find the word, and thanks to weiwei ! hehe

EVo said...

[Axiao] U know what.all that time i was around missycheerio i just wondered how she does it. i would feel SO uncomfortable if my pants were hanging around my waist like that LOL

[Ashleyteng] Comic, photogenic, cutie cutie? can all those be summarized into 1 word...hensem? =) =) =) =)

Ashleyteng said...

evo u shiok sendiri lar hehe =P well ok i don't mind if u want name it as ''handsome'' hehe

yalar agree with marcus!
where is your MY NPL post?!!!!!!!!!!!!

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