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As quite obviously noticeable, I have slightly modified this place. Not a different theme but some adjustments:


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I ain't got the slightest idea why, but that's why I installed the bar. To find that out.

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Last time I thought that having more columns would allow viewers to see more without having to scroll down, then I realized it was a waste of precious space that could be used to scale up my pics. That's lagi best. 3 column looks cluttered as well. So 2-column it is for me now.

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Talking about new blog layout, Rames my macha also has a new and cool layout. Rames also turns 29 today! Wei almost 30 yrs old dude xD Happy Birthday! =)

Ok as promised, here's the post from The Malaysian Dance Championship in Genting! OMG here come the picchassss!!





When I reached, the event already started..damn. What happened to 'fashionably late' Malaysian events'?MsianDance2009_09 



I travelled far and wide here to give my support to..Wei Luen!


Do not make the mistake of judging his dancing from the size of his belly body. This guy is so nimble that even Elvis Presley will surrender to him in a 1-to-1 dance face-off.



Actually this earlier shots were che-kai a bit coz I forgot to take off my diffuser. So everyone looked strangely orange.


Only after this point that I took of the diffuser. Damn fail.


I finally met Arhnue after 10-ish years after schooldays!


So happened her dad was the announcer for the event so she took 2 days leave to come co-announce. Smangat betul. I know she don't look too happy in this pic though. Coz that time I hadn't went up to her and said hi yet. You should've seen her after we chatted. All smiles thanks to me XD





Some of Wei Luen's other supporters:


Billy (who also joined the competition), Ching and Jeremy who stayed until halftime.

Ching's one of the nicest friendliest girls around, and she's an instructor herself! I want private lessons from her ahahah..


This is Jack who was runner up for one of the rounds!

MsianDance2009_43  MsianDance2009_51











Why this two pics so dark?? why??  T_T

The excitement really started when ballroom was over and it was time for Hiphop.

Wait, I almost forgot the belly dancers.








^o^ !! 

Anyway, hiphop.

As I was there from the start of hiphop, I had a clearer picture of the sequence of events.




And it started with this guy who was quite surprising.



Damn geng. Spender pun terkeluar.


I never got to know this girl but she was really good and finished podium. And she's cute.




This guy also podium finish:MsianDance2009_77


Also competing was our very own Careen Tan.

She did well but couldn't take podium this year girl! =)


I dunno where these guys came from but it sure looked like their costumes were sponsored by MILO:MsianDance2009_83


This group from Japan was pretty impressive too. And they're only lil kids but podium finish man.MsianDance2009_88


I admire how much discipline these contestants put into training.  You gota be bloody strong for this!


Some contestants wanted to create a more racy atmosphere for the night.

From this as the starting...MsianDance2009_109

To this...MsianDance2009_110

Wah lau can actually see the girls on the left and right ripping off their pants. Nice.

My own mum won't admit me as her son if I made myself look like this.MsianDance2009_116


And the champion of the hip-hop team category goes to these girls that were, truly, impressive. They had me at the edge of my seat and had the right moves at the right moments. Damn nice lor.MsianDance2009_143


I really like this shot of the lead dancer too:MsianDance2009_141

Her hair very nice lor. I mean, the way it flew around very nice.

Hip-hop groupie pic!MsianDance2009_145


After the whole thing..the moment that we were waiting for...CAMwhore!!!MsianDance2009_147

Careen, Eric, Debbie, Matthew, Sim Li, Billy, Ching, Wei Luen, Pik Yee, Jack, Stanley.






*ahem* MsianDance2009_154








I damn like these guys ah. Natural posers man.


Other 'moments'.....

I was watching and waiting for this girl's mother-elephant-super-size pants to fall but unfortunately they held up.MsianDance2009_95


This shot of Wei Luen clearly shows his prime confidence oozing out of his cleavage. Charming.MsianDance2009_157


If you do have weight issues, do avoid wearing sexy / lacy / semi transparent costumes or it may result in loss of appeal. Or, pull your pants up higher if you really have to go with the sexy shirt. MsianDance2009_117


And last but not least, make sure you use Rexona should you ever take part in a competition.MsianDance2009_80


If you wanna see the entire collection of pics, click:

- here for my Facebook pic stream.

- here to get the original pics, very nice wan.

Great work to all competitors, congrats to all winners and runner-ups! And kudos to the organizing team for this event.

But next time, give la photographers free pass LOLx.


6 commentos:

永遇乐 said...

The girl with flying hair looks kena electric shock touching something ar ;p

This Girl You Know said...

my pop wants to use some of your pictures to put in his blog. can he??

hahah yeah his blog is more changgih and popular than mine lehh.

This Girl You Know said...

oh yeah and stop praising yourself for making me look happy la.. :P

meeting you not like striking lottery also... -_-

EVo said...

[tienchad] Haha. hey i think she looks hot la. like agressive kinda Hawt haha..

[This Girl You Know] Arhnue!Yeah but I'm prasan like that so how lolx. Of course ur pops can use d pics. I just put a link to my server where he can get d complete collection. enjoy =)

Leong said...

wow..this is definitely a very exciting dance competition. And the pics all so cool!!

Ashleyteng said...

OMG.. why the couple wear selipar to dance?!!! that 's embarassing leh.. or they purposely do that one...!!!
wah u so active lar evo.. it seems like u travel here and there one lor.. and seems free leh =P

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