Rames & Jason Strip, i mean, Stripe party!

My millions and thousands apologeez dear readers!

It's been over a week since my last update and you guys have been persistently coming..thank you. I had a hectic week and to top it off, an acid bath yesterday. Oh it burns baby, it burns!

Acid bath-ed the staircase in the office, I mean. Someone made a mistake of pouring half the bottle on the whole flight of stairs and it wasn't humanly possible to walk into the huge acid cloud for 20 minutes ahhhhhh! Visibility was worse than a desert sandstorm.

I had to use an umbrella in the office itself to save my ass from the acids pouring overhead. That's how bad it was. Whose mistake I shall not announce here....haha..!

Anyway I'm on self declared MC today.

So that I can updates!

I had a very happy gathering at The Gardens on Saturday during Rames and Jason's 2xth and 2xth respectively birthday party.

Notice I mentioned Rames then only Jason, meaning Rames could be probably (much) older than Jason. Muahaha.

There were many pics that I took, but there's one that I keep looking at and I like it. So expressive, so happy, so....



I don't think they're THAT crazy about superhero shirts wei. But I'm glad they liked it haha. The look on their faces are priceless!..I think if I kena lottery also I won't look like that lor ahaha.

Anyway the makan was at Flying Chillies @ The Gardens, where I've SEEN this place before, but never actually NOTICED it. From the name, can you even tell that it serves THAI food? Can't right?

But they do. It's quite nice :) this is what 4 of us (Psychkin, Misscheerio, EGo + myself) ordered.

JR_bday_16JR_bday_18 JR_bday_17JR_bday_19

4-combo appetizer, glass noodle salad, pandan chicken and 1 spicy tomyam hotpot. Not enuf to make me full :(


And as usual, everyone was camwhoring! And it's crazy crazy getting out of hand! Woohoo!

Introducing the two birthday boyz!


And everyone else =)


(From L2R) CindyC, Josh Lim, Albert, Hikaru, Eunice Chee, Junn, Jason Smashpop, Adrian, Jen, Rames, Ellie Missycheerio, Joshua Tallboyz, EGo, Psychkin, Jed, Bryan, Calvin. Wow I can remember all those names so pandai.

All of us in were about 23-25 people. That means this pic above isn't complete but must post coz it's my own pic aha.

Now this is a complete groupie!jrbfish3

Taken by Rames on Albert's A900 with fish lens. Damn high tech. If I stand at the next table also can see me wei.



It's EGo and Ellie Missycheerio! She's now chopped off her messy long hair and sporting a new hot hairstyle. Together let's say....'What's going on with them?' **


JR_bday_11I forgot to mention that that night's theme was horizontal stripes, which I dunno which smart guy decided. I dun like lor coz I had only 1 horizontal stripe shirt which I very seldom wore, but no choice >_<



Coz it's pink color and makes me look a bit like a pastry. Dunno why =(



Suddenly, Psychkin met Eunice! Who happens to be her classmate Lai Cheng's cousin. JR_bday_10 JR_bday_29


I also met Eunice before but had to talk to her awhile only I remembered ^^ memory lapse sial.

And suddenly, I met Cindy Cheok! Who I've been stalking her blog awhile until I finally met her that night!





Josh.my Mr advertlets Yakuza paintball centerback was there too!JR_bday_36 JR_bday_47


I know it's not polite to snap people while they're eating but I purposely wait til they're ready one okayyy...


Eunice *AUMM*

Suddenly again, the Birthday cake was produced!
Rames : Come on la, cake is already here, blow the bloody thing!
Jason : Wait wait one more snap *chak* one more *chak* one last one *chak* ok ok coming *chak*
Rames : OK here we go!



Some people make a wish with their hands on their hearts...while some do that with their hands on their crotch..






I can't remember the last time I had this many presents on my birthday man. Notice that everyone's staring enviously at the them from behind (that includes the cameraman).


Presents from the Siao Gang, Josh Lime, Psychkin, Ellie, Ego and myself.



That's when they discovered these nice shirts that were unsuspectingly wrapped in beg plastik biasa but just look at them two.



 image    image




Rames had a special something for Jason...


And Jason also had a special something for Rames...


It looked like he was a pimp giving Ellie to Rames or something. What is this.


Eh, it does look like it wor...she's even helping him pakai baju pulak. Rames looks quite satisfied also lolx.


All of a sudden...my uni buddy Wei Luen came out from nowhere! hahaha...



Apparently, he just finished a wedding dinner next door and was on his way back when he noticed this crazy, Noisy, Barbaric gang of people flashing each other with their cameras. So he joined us camho too!


Yup, my Monash uni mate. One of the GilaBabi gang members during uni days and still GilaBabi now haha...




I like this pic the best the best...hehe.


Rames & Jason was also really so awesomely thoughtful to get a prezzie for Psychkin's birthday, also in March.JR_bday_48


Pokai betul la this month. CC bill sudah mencapai RM x000+ ady so my plans to acquire a new camera also have to put off til later :(

But still, very happy lor. Dinner with these happening people with my sayang also. Oh, I've yet to post on how she got hammered on her birthday, so look out for that too. Muahahahaaaa.

Happy Birthday to Rames & Jason again! Had a great time!


My Flying Chillies verdict:

Food : 4/5  -   Food was fresh, tomyam wasn't sour enuf, appetizers were good.
Price : 3/5   -   RM50 / pax. I was hungry.
Ambience : 4/5   -   It's in Gardens so it Has to look nice.
Service : 3.5/5   -   I had to ask them 3 times to get me some bowls. Were they really that busy?


Pics thanks to:


For my Facebook photo stream & comments, click here.
For the ori sized pics (more than the above), click here. Very nice one.



** Disclaimer -

Many many many people have been asking me this : 'What's going on with EGo and Missycheerio?'

The answer is, even though EGo's my bro, I have no idea what's happening in his life. Serious.



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maRCus said...

shaddup la on the disclaimer note!! XD

Ashleyteng said...

the disclaimer... tipu lar xD don't hide! hahahahah...

Ashleyteng said...

oh ya give me 5 marcus!!!

EVo said...

I just posted la got 3 comments adi! why no comment on the party but comment on my bro wan?? this is too much! lololxx

maRCus said...

Ash.. *high fives*

EVo, Bevo, brada doh doh doh doh!! XD

EVo said...

u funny crazy fella. ahahahahahaa

Leonard said...

Damn.. I missed out all the fun !

Renee Tay said...

HAHAHAHAHHA! Macam Best jerrrrr.
sorry bro. i mabuk'ed!

EVo said...

[leonard] but weren't u there in the facebook group pic leo? haha!

[renee] oh memang best..sbb i was there lol. nvm mabuked is ok, but dun mabuked for this weekend hot air balloon oh! ;)

smashpOp said...


EVo said...

[smashpOp] THANK U THANK U AHAHAHAHHA..that's called being at the right place at the right time man. muahaha. quite good lor, ur pic can b used for blackmail..submit for contest..etc etc. keke..

Rames said...


EVo said...

[Rames] Weld.com xD oh ya also, now got diffuser can fight with u liao lol.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

No money for camera.
Win one through the Postcard contest~! ;p

albert said...

I like the title of this post (and the expressions!)

vialentino said...

wah bro....nice pics...i like bout blogging is to see those blog gathering...can see happy faces and event pics...really enjoy viewing it...

EVo said...

[tian chad] All the best for ur contest man! i shud b joining too, but haven't started d session yet..

[albert] That was by accident dude. i left out the 'e' at first so I went with that LOL. eh these two guys r damn funny la. beh tahan xD

[vialentino] thanks via koko! is not happy people..is crazy people keke. u also got ur fair share of happenings laa =)

Ju Ann said...

wah the photo of Rames and Jason with their superhero tees is priceless!!!!

EVo said...

[ju ann] why r u in s'pore wor. don't u feel like ur left out of the fun :( long time no c u ady ler..

MissyCheerio said...


EVo said...

[missyCheerio] but ur cute. and funny. and popular. why ever would u NOT be a topic of discussion?? sorry...objection not accepted! lolxx

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