Earth Hour Michaelangelo Blackout @ Sunway Pyramid

This'll be a quick post on Earth Hour in Pyramid, cause I never actually planned to join it.


My initial plan to:

- gym -> chao


turned into:

- gym-with-Wei Luen -> makan -> Earth Hour -> bowling in summit -> then only chao


The incredible power of distraction consumes me. hehe.


I took evening shots before I reached pyramid.Earth_Hour_09_01

I wanted to bring out the feeling that even trees were in the 'darkish' Earth Hour mood hence this shot. I never tried silhouette shots before so I think this is a very very very very very x 1000 nice shot ya.


After 2 hours of gay gym with Wei Luen, I made it to the old wing lobby, under the Lion head. I didn't ask if it was there, I just felt that it was there so I went there.



True enough, there was a crowd there gathered and waiting for lights to go off!




I pulled out my camera, switched it on, and like the pro photographers, dengan stylo I put my hand into the bag again.... find no flash.


I wanted to die on the spot there man. On an event where there's no light, I forgot to bring my flash! EPIC fail!


So no choice. Use built-in baby flash LOL. I just felt so not used to it cause if I use flash, it's gota be with flashgun. Never baby-flash.


I do expect more carelessness like this in the future...especially if going out in a rush. sighs.


But baby flash ain't all that bad yo.





Yup, the same shot above was with baby-flash. OKay lah.




Sunway College students were the main part of the crew and planned a cute presentation for us. A group of guys dressed in fluorescent white clothes appeared with neon painted plastic containers improvised as drums.






Couldn't get a wider view cause a lot of aunties were behind me and I couldn't move backwards. Skali bang the wrong body part then I kena man..that time I'll be the one that kena drum kao kao.






Next up was a remake of Kitaro's-what's-that-very-popular-song. It sounded pretty good, and the flutist was impressive.











Subang Assemblywoman Hannah Yeoh was there to grace the ceremony.



I can't think of anything funny to write. Cause there was nothing funny that happened! T_T




I was impatiently waiting for 12am to see what was gona happen.

And at 12...Lights Out!

Only outside Pyramid lah. Inside Pyramid, all lights and aircond still full blast. Haha. Security issues I suppose. The lights you see here are only from the stage, most lights outside were off already.

















Perhaps the most exciting feature of the night was the ambassador of Sunway Pyramid, Xandria Ooi, who emcee-d the event.Earth_Hour_09_05



You might recognize her as this....




Dunno why she looked a lil different from the magazines. Perhaps due to using my baby-flash.


A quick search on her reveals :


The 25-year-old television personality is as down-to-earth as your girl-next-door, yet her stunning looks and fabulous sense of style suggests that she is anything but average.

Many would recognise Xandria as a popular face of ntv7 but she is just as well known for her bi-weekly column, Sights & Sounds, in the Star newspaper.

One would assume that Xandria’s education would include journalism or mass communication; instead, the University of Melbourne graduate surprises with a background in finance and management.



She's hot, and friendly too!



At first I wanted to do Gila pose but I had a feeling it'll be shiok sendiri coz I would be the only one doing it so...*strong self restrain and stops myself from pulling a donkey face*. Sighs. Mix too much with Patrick and Wei Luen already xD


Ok, something quite funny.


While many of the shops in Pyramid proudly turned on their lights MAXIMUM, some were quite semangat and turned off half their lights, and some, most of their Starbucks.



You still can see the counter..people..pastries..


People like me with laptops will be very tulan haha.


But this is the one that wins all other shops hands down.


I think Michaelangelo decided that they wanted to go back to stone age and turn off EVERYTHING.


I walked even closer and took another shot.




Still nothing! Wah damn black can. They don't even give candles to their customers wei! Actually I wanted to take another shot with flash....but, you never know what kind of erm...objects may appear in the flash lo. I ain't taking my chances lol.

OK, that's all for Earth Day. Hope yours went well and without incident! xD



8 commentos:

maRCus said...

OMG.. what a post! so much to say....

i say later.


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

EVo shld ask Xandria do the gila pose together. I believe she will love it ^@^~

Baldwin said...

wow!.. somemore say nothing much interesting happened..u've got the event totally 'covered' dude!

good post..should've been there.

albert said...

People say turn off the light, you turn off the light la haiyo! Somemore want to flash LOL.

Average Joe's said...

Damn evo.. looks like ur a real busy man.. ur blog is like the event calender for us Joe...

Leong said...

FUYORR!! I'm in penang gurney plaza and nothing really happpening there. Most of the shops are still bright.only.. Winter Warmer was supporting the cause..sienzz.. NICE post ^^

Careen said...

i went to 1U hour wasn't even earth hour there. and there no Xandria Ooi :(

Xandria Ooi is gorgeous..totally love her book :)

EVo said...

[maRCus] i thought this post considered quite short by my usual wor..ahaha. say la, dun shy wei :D

[Tian Chad] pose crazy got ma!but she on stage la. when she come down nomal pose..i good boy ma.

[Baldwin] ya i did send out a shoutout on fb that i was here but only 2 response haha..

[albert] choice la bro..coz im not using A900 with little noise like some pplssss :P :P

[Average Joe] A bit busy so this week hide abit lor. but how busy also sure have time for average virgin BBQ! LOLX.

[Leong] Bro what u doing in penang la?

[Careen] OO i saw her book in stores last week! it's her biography is it?

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