Streetfighters & Int'nl Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009 @ Putrajaya

I love hectic weekends.

Coz when your engine's on during weekends, it takes less energy to start it up again for Monday. The bad thing is you wonder where the weekend's gone to when it's already over.

So, I decided that I don't wanna do anything on this Sunday. As in, no outing, just stay home, chill, surf / do work etc. Just be a bleddy pig xD

What happened last weekend? 


I slept 2 hours on Sunday morning to catch the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Putrajaya early in the morning! *excited like kampung boy*





There was supposed to be at least 10 of us at the event but so so sad to say most couldn't make it. You know lah, Sat night..people could have been partying and getting themselves hammered..or 'Sunburst'ing..or don't feel like getting up on a Sunday morning..ish. What. I slept 2 hours ok you guys :P


Next time lah ok. Kita naik belon bersama sama xD


And here's the Hensem and Lenglui smangat people who decided to go for it:


Quite the rush that morning that I forgot to shave again as you can see. From L2R Psychkin, EVo, Wei Luen, Ellie Missycheerio, EGo!

Getting to Putrajaya was one thing, finding the ballooning area was another. It's not that you can see them floating from far like fireworks, coz they're all limp and erm, flaccid before inflating haha.

But we fooooound it! I got soo excited when we saw the balloons lying all over the ground ready to be blown!


This guy excited until air liur meleleh ahahahahaha.

Jeng jeng jeng!




I'm quite paiseh to say that I've never been to a hot air balloon show except for the one at Bangsar Village last year that rose for 10 minutes after 2391824137198237 attempts and flew across the roof and terkoyak so everyone had to pack up and go home.

So quite naturally, we went crazy and started snapping all over!

Balloon_Fiesta09_09 Balloon_Fiesta09_12

There were orange and 'ellie'phant design balloons..



Balloon_Fiesta09_14 Balloon_Fiesta09_23









'Amboi, your 'belon' is so big angmo'


Balloon_Fiesta09_25 Balloon_Fiesta09_22








Peacock design balloon...

We had a 15 minute window to enter the field from 7.45 to 8.15 to get these close up shots...and if you didn't have a camera you had to stay outside. Happened that Wei Luen brought 2 cams so Psychkin could enter, but he decided to stay outside and shiok sendiri lolx. Thanks Wei Luen.



Balloon_Fiesta09_05Axiao was also there with her sisters..smangat also!


We also met Hiew at McD before the event and found out that he was going there too. But couldn't find him amongst all the was nice meeting you all the same dude!:)





Balloon_Fiesta09_06 Balloon_Fiesta09_35












*Ahem*  *ahem*


And what is a blogger outing session without our Gilababi camho series!


I particularly like the Nescafe balloon coz it's the same color as our baju that day all red!




Wah so many vertical shots. Must post back some horizontal shots.




Me and the Sista! (I can't help feeling like I look abit like Marcus-my-brother-from-a-different-mother with this facial expression). Of coz more macho lah. Ahaa.

Suddenly the two girls morphed into Cartoon characters. I like this very cute.



The hot-air balloons 'fun-fly', as they call it was over in 45 minutes and we were asked to clear the field. So clever la these people. Drive us to the other side where there was a pesta waiting for us to fall into their trap. Yeah, the Tweety Bird and Mickey Mouse balloons above cost RM5 each. Kena potong man.

Balloon probably costs RM 0.50, so we paid RM4.50 for the gas to fill it up. Pay me RM 4.50 and I'll give you ALLLL the gas you need. With complimentary aroma keke.

OK, other fun stuff!


This is a big plastic ball where kids (or adults if you really want to) can get in and run it around the field for 15-20 minutes.

I just call it the Giant Hamster Ball.


There was also another activity called the NordBall (I think) that used a similar ball, but a waterproof one. To be played on water.


First, you have to package your subject like this.

Notice the little boy in the red shirt. That's our subject.


Then you blow up the ball and set him afloat to, hopefully, do a few laps around the lake.



Finding your balance is never easy. It takes time and patience. And lots of floundering.


How can you even call this fun!

And because the ball was completely airtight, the poor boy couldn't hear anything and had no idea that everyone was laughing (and also taking pics of his misery).. so he came out feeling like a hero lolx.


So after awhile we got bored of balloons and balls and we went to play video games.

Balloon_Fiesta09_55 copy

Streetfighter at Putrajaya dun play play yo!


Hahahaha. Actually we started with some decent jumpshots.





And even jumpshots became boring so EGo suggested to simulate a fighting-pek-yau scene....soo.....



So EGo wins the first round and moves to next round. Some kid came in as a new challenger.

Balloon_Fiesta09_58 copy


Kid also kantoi!


Next challenger also quite geng.

Balloon_Fiesta09_56 copy 


But EGo proves that he's not simple stuff and finishes the game...

Balloon_Fiesta09_57 copy


I think my story could possibly be better than Streetfighter 4 that's showing now eh.






Finally we decided to go back!

Check out Jason's and Rames posts on the event. These guys went on the same day but in the evening where the sun was totally awesome. The lighting turned out much much better than my shoots..their pics damn niiiiice check it out. Wish I could've gone in the evening too!

Coming up in next post : Why I had only 2 hours of sleep on the night before Hot Air Balloon. TFR3CE



Update on Zouk's 5th Anniversary (thanks to Advertlets) on Thursday!

Advertlets bloggers who will be there:

Ellie Missycheerio (who I met 2 hours ago)
-  EGo
Derek Yap
Khai Ling (who I met 7 hours ago)
Amanda Choe (who mistook me as somebody else's bf damn haha)
-  Me EVo

...and many many hot hot people fuuuuah. More details here.

I am so psyched up about it. Would YOU like to be my guest on Thursday and have looooads of fun with everyone? ;) Let me know.


8 commentos:

maRCus said...

its 5 am and i oso duno why im reading your blog, considering you naver made contact with me in the past few days.. u must be stuck in that giant plastic hamster ballon of yours lah. hmph.

but dam chun lor this post. how great it wud be if MY NPL got such a coverage eh?

love the jump shots, but bery beh tahan your faces in them!! esp the one with the sad clown balloon.

ah. i almost forgot, the "i-am-strong-look-at-me-carry-this-giant-Nescafe-cup/balloon" pic, your face iz like.......

aiya aiyoh yoh.

thank you very much.

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Ellie's Chun Li kick look the best among the jump shot ;p

Not forgetting your funny face! Lol

EVo said...

[maRCus] ehhh dun la liddat brudder. i just contacted u yday only laaa...i still check out ur blog ok even if u dun contact me. but not 5am in the morning la sorrri hahaaaa...

[Tian Chad] if she did the terbalik kick like in the game lagi power right? LOL

Ashleyteng said...

what attracted me the most, you and selena's long face!
wahhh all the balloons are so interesting !!! nice leh.. !!!
and the ellie's ehem ehem photos explain so many things! haha

Ashleyteng said...

ehh i still can't stop myself from laughing!! so cute lar selena and you posing in front of the long face balloon... hahahah!!!

EVo said...

[ashleyteng] ashleyyyyyyy! hey ur supposed to laugh at the streetfighters, not me n sel leh ahahaha. i know i know. d moment we saw d balloon we knew we had to do that face ady! :D did u go for the event?

Anonymous said...

sighs too bad i didnt know about this event..if i have known, i'll definitely be there! so fun! =D

EVo said...

[kenwooi] aisehh...come2 my blog more often lor coz i'll usually announce b4 i go event one....

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