My 3 Nipples

The nipple is a sensitive area on the human body. It is usually used to discharge milk for females, and it is practically useless on a male body besides for growing hair.

2 days ago, I was given an additional nipple!

And actually many other blue-black nipples..during Advertlet's paintball event :D

It's one of those things that you finish doing and wonder why human beings are willing to pay to be target practice for a couple of hours. Then next day, you wake up, the adrenaline picks up and you wanna do it all over again!

No pics, but it's roughly an inch to the left of my right nipple. So when you see me don't simply poke. Pain OK.


Here's a pic of me after I was bestowed my 3rd nipple!


Poor fella. Have to grab his boob to reduce the pain.


I had a smashing time that sunny day at Kompleks Sukan Astaka.



Official Registration time : 7.30 am

My registration time : 8.30 am LOL. coz I couldn't find the place until I made double or triple U-turns >_< Marcus even had the time to go KFC and back. And I still hadn't reached the place yet.

Our registra-tors was no other than the very lovely Ras Angela and Vanes Ching.



It was awesome seeing familiar faces again..

Marcus! haha cannot tahan this guy la!


With his banana and banDana, which I also wore. Coz if wanna gila, we gila together.



From far as I came in I already saw...Unclejosh!


Just look at his gear. Tell me it looks more dangerous than the paintball guns and I'll completely agree with you.

Managed to grab a pic with tauke Josh, who very sportingly also joined the games. He was one person I really wanted to shoot but somehow our teams didn't meet. I smell a conspiracy.



Roy, Sebastian, Sam, Leonard and Keith came as the P24 team. Very intimidating at first coz I thought they were pros. See the coordinated shirts and gaya also kinda terror right.


Then later I found out the shirts were made for another event, not p'ball. Ahahahaa. But we still got shot from them as hell.


Ashleyteng was one of the bloggers I was looking forward to meet after months of kacauing her at her blog. She's playing under Division4 for My-NPL so the only thing she qualified to be that day was my camerawoman XD Thanks Ashley!



It's Missycheerio Ellie! This is also one that I wanted to shoot but no chance ^^



Finally introducing...our Team Yakuza!!


Me, Abang Z, Marcus, Din and Celine.

With me and Marcus having 3-4 times of p'ball experience, and the 3 others being first timers, the fate of our team was unpredictable..but with some quick strategizing and a bit of luck, we made it thru 4 rounds, semis, then finals!

No kidding man. I was surprised myself. Didn't expect us to make it that far. Especially when I kept getting pumped with bullets at the snake and dorito.

Me at the snake bunker.



Marcus & me obviously obvious at the dorito bunker.


Check out some of these priceless shots!

Josh : crotch!


P'baller who went to sleep.


Photographer Jason damn gaya with mask and all. But he forgot to protect his camera. You know it's true when they say that pro photographers risk their lives in trying to capture those special moments. Being in the battlefield with bullets flying all over, this kind of pic is something all photographers should try to avoid.


NikonD200_AFpoints copy


Green guy is clearly not happy with his team's performance LOL.


I'm not sure why everyone is pointing at the guy kneeling down, even by his teammates.



P1170051 P1170027



Beneath the pretty and demure looks of Ras lies a mean, Pball popping monster. Yes, Ras is actually the team leader of team Wolfpack (correct me if I'm wrong) of Division 3 (I think). She'll shoot your ass off if you mess with her haha.




For the first time, I saw a collection of really neat paintball toys. If you're going pro, you need to scrap these:


And get these:



These are Really cool e-markers that can be programmed to release 3/shot or 5/shot or 10/shot as you wish.

If I weren't saving for a DSLR I'd consider getting one of these, just for fun. They're just so sexy.

I couldn't resist picking up one and kacauing ah Wong with 10 questions in one minute. I think he got so fed up with me that he gave me one to play with. Yesssss. Test shots with a RM2000+ marker shiok..!



The outcome? Team Yakuza : 1st runner up. Totally unexpected. We're now gona be sponsored for Division 4 tourney on 14 Feb. omg!

Group Pic!


Group Pic # 2

Group Pic #3. No pose is too stupid for me.



Lunch at Oldtown Jaya One #1

Lunch at Oldtown Jaya One #2. Aswad, Simon and Michael are all in Division #3 (I think). I hope they're willing to teach :)


Last but not least.. n683589491_1451720_9796

Thanks Advertlets! (and team Yakuza, Ashley, Ellie & Kidchan Studios for pics) Can't wait for the next event =)

Stay tuned for updates for our tourney a'ight? Feb 14....come support us! ^^


10 commentos:

IceCool said...

hi there evo!
I'm lc3co0L from Team Marksman Alpha. I see a lot of potentials in your team. BTW, good to know dat u guys enjoyed paintball! Feel free to contact/email me if u guys wanna train together for the upcoming MY-NPL 1st Leg.

ps: can i copy the pic where a paintballer went to sleep at the hammer/snake? It was actually our teammate! hahaha...

EVo said...

[IceCool] Of course u can man! yes sure we enjoyed it yo. given a chance to play against power guys like u what more :)

we'll arrange for a date to come practice and we'll let u know.thanks so much for sharing :)

Look forward to see u soon ya!

IceCool said...

thanx for d permission.
er... no military style ler... only sit in d office n play computer all day long... hahaha...

Axiao said...

congrats man...

never show ur third nipple..hahah...come feb 14 im guessing u'll be getting lots of 'lovebites' pulak...ahahah

maRCus said...

So blardy long wan your post. haha

#1. I hope your 3rd nipple is feeling better. XD

#2. Did you HAVE to post the pic with me 'yak chiu'? (eat banana?) haha

#3. Yaho. weird we didnt get to meet Josh Lim and MissyCheerio in the match. why leh? LOL

#4. i think its burito, not dorito. what? doremon's cousin izit? dorito dorito? XD

#5. Did YOU make tht piantball-hitting-camera-lens pic? Ingenious. but i still got time huh? LOL (my comp kinda slow, so there goes creativity.. wtf.. XD

#6. Team Dominator's pic of the green guy DAM CHUNLY FARNEE LOR!!! LOL. It says, "Apalalu friendly fire!! $@^%^%&" HAha

#7. Everyone aimed at the crouching guy, but not Celine. Haha. Eh, isnt tht UNCLE JOSH ah?!! LOL

#8. Waa.. you even took a pic of the e-,markers. i need to 'pinjam' tht photo :-)

#9. You even uploaded that video!! OMG.. i sound like a freaking DUCK!! *quack* T____________________T

#10. Dam good game/event/company! Wud do it again anytime! NOw look out for my post. LOL


maRCus said...

Bro bro.. my bad, its really Dorito...!! SORRY SORRY SORRY!

really my bad! paiseh to da MAX...



cikgu said...

I was browsing and searching for blogs from bloggers who went to shoot bloggers during the bloggers outing at Astaka. Some funny lines and pics.

Ihave recovered from my quadriceps ache and anxious to go and shoot again.

Happy Chinese New Year. Any news from our Din? What's his blog?

I yours, Marcus and Celine.

Wen Jing ^^ said...

Haha sorry lah temporary no update as i left my camera at hometown, will be going back muar tonite, can get my camera dy! stay tune kay? ^^

Oh ya, the souvenir u found dy? okay next time we meet up k? ^^

Oh ya btw, the paint ball seems like so fun!!! i missed it :(

Ashleyteng said...

hahaaa that's a funny video host by marcus and with u as hero =P
lorr me too really glad meeting u up...! MY-NPL is really coming soon >.< so u guys confirm already? every1 in yakuza will be joining?! hey let's go for some sparring game at astaka before the tourney.. if u guys really joining it.. =)

EVo said...

[iceCool] No prob. I'm too happy that u like my pics :) will catch up with u on the 14th!

[axiao] Come 14th I'll wear pampers man. if u think my ass is big u'll know why xD

1. 3rd nipple is now no more!
2. Of coz man. how often can u find banana and bandana in the same pic?
3. Nah,it's just the way the groups are arranged..
4. Yes, check out the doritos junk food n u'll know why :P
5. nothing that a bit of PS can't do! ;)
6. I also laugh when i saw the pic lor!
7. Eh..i think so unclejosh man.tag!!
8. Kidchan got better pic ^^
9. Not duck can u say's more of goose lor.
10. Ur post damn dramatic wei!
11. how can u notice so many things on my post man..10 items @.@

[cikgu] it's!nice playing with u bang Z..see u soon!

[wen jing] ya time dun go so far away la..and yes ur souvenir still with me. not expired yet LOL

[ashleyTeng] That'll b awesome ashley training with u! yes all 5 of us will join, hopefully 2 more :) next time we eat Carl Jr ok!

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