Shoot me yo!

I've been given a chance to play Rambo again this weekend.



This is probably the first time that I'm able to shoot bloggers which I secretly hate. But in spirit of the game, I can laugh and say it's all in the name of sport! Then shoot them some more XD

Advertlets has done it again! This time with a very different event...



Yes. Paintball yo! Cool eh? They're just full of new ideas lah, with this one on Saturday being the first event of 2009. Thanks to Josh for this one! :)

There'll be a total of 20 teams with 5 players in each team. Apparently the top 3 teams will be sponsored for their registration fees for the 5 rounds of MY-NPL (Malaysian National Paintball League) 2009 wor.

Is this MY-NPL prestigious? I have no idea la. I don't know much about paintball.

I just play to lepas stress aje LOL.

Besides...if you check out my paintball resume you'll see how good I really am :

1. Times played Paintball : 2-3. That means total rounds about 10-15
2. Flags captured : 3
3. Flags dropped after capturing them due to kena tembak : 2
4. Flags returned to base by crawling back to home base : 1 *yes!*
5. Times shot in the groin : Lost count
6. Headshots : 4 (As in shots at my head, not heads that I shot)
7. Teammates shot : Lost count
8. Paintballs eaten : 3

and so on, so on..

Maybe that explains why I'm not able to find teammates for Saturday till now hahahaha.

C'mon la guys, I promise I won't shoot you from behind haha..Marcus - Jason - Rames - Jen - or whoever else, let's tag-team if you ain't found partners yet ;)

Just look at the Rambo pic up there and you'll be convinced I'm not that bad kay.

Can't wait to see (and shoot) everyone there!

(Seriously, I'm still looking for teammates, so leave me a message yo xD  )


6 commentos:

maRCus said...

wahsey...! terkejpt saw the rambo pic!! ish ish ish! XD

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

if i can. i wanna go shooting too! lol. i love paint ball ^^ said...

too bad this event not organize at my area... really hope they will come here soon

Ashleyteng said...

sorry can't help u up in the game, i can't join this cuz i have tournament records before...
but no worries i'll help u to take photos if u need any1 for that haha.. =D i'll be there

btw.. what is "paintballs eaten" means? @.@

Ju Ann said...

so fun.........


I love paintball but I dont like getting shot

hahaha! typical girl!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from James of Team Dominator. Good job!

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