What do you do when cops pull you over?

Stand up and say 'screw you!'

Not literally of course. Mati kau. Hahaha.

But practically, don't let the sight of cops parry your guard. Remember, it's us citizens that pay their salaries. They're supposed to serve, not be served.

2 days ago, down Kesas highway, on the way to KL, I was pulled over by some official looking polis at a road block near Endah Parade..

My 1st thought was about me talking on the phone while driving. Pandai la I happened to get a number of calls on the way down so...I pulled out IC, driving lesen as usual.

Cop comes over and signals me to open my window. I shall refer to him as Authoritative Senior Superintendent - High Officer (ASS-HO) for short.

ASS-HO : Adik tengok lesen.

Me : *hands over my IDs* Ada apa hal encik?

ASS-HO : You jalan 103 la dik. Sudah overshot limit. Tengok.

He then shows me his clipboard of victims car numbers. I looked at my car number on the board, then at all the other entries in disbelief. The A4 sized paper was just FILLED with car plate numbers. Loaded.

The ASS-HO then starts scribbling my details etc etc on the saman sheet.

Me : Jadi saman kena bayar berapa bang?

ASS-HO : Oh, ini speeding, saman RM 300.

If he could see through my shades, he'll see this   -___-

Driving in Malaysia, obviously, there is one chance that one would think can get him/her out of this situation. But before one can make a move...

ASS-HO : So saman ini...ada problem tak?

This cop's the kind that wears a white uniform, with damn hell lot of medals stuck all over his body, arms and legs. Senior-like, tough cop. Then I looked at his name and number. So incredibly coincidentally, he had a sling-bag with the strap partially covering BOTH his name & number. So I don't get no ID.

Me : *act dumb* Kena bayar bayar la...bayar dekat mana?

ASS-HO : Dekat polis station..yang ada counter punya.

Then he asks me again:

ASS-HO : So.....Ada Problem Tak bayar saman ini??

See how he asked the same question twice. If I could see through HIS shades, I think I'd see this     $_$

ASS-HO : (Ala Budak bodoh, tak faham ke ni)

Me : (Celaka u la) Oh..no problem..Rm300..terpaksa bayar lah..

ASS-HO : Adik kerja apa?

Me : Saya engineer ni...tengah hantar barang ke KL..103 tak cepat la..highway ma ini etc etc *complains*

The ASS-HO then looks over my car to see if there are more offenders to pull over. I think there were bigger cars than Waja, cos suddenly he came back to me and returned my IDs.

ASS-HO : Ok saya bagi peluang. Lain kali jalan plahan sikit ya.

Me : *takes back IDs* (then pulls out and drives 120km/hr into Seremban highway).

I know most people will try doing what most will do in times where the penalty is WAY beyond budget. But stand your ground when this situation arises. Cops didn't sign up for 'no-saman commissions' and don't deserve it. You can actually get off the hook. Just look-out for tell-tale signs like:

1. Partially / completely hidden IDs.
2. A huge list of other traffic offenders. Chances are these offenders will contribute to the 'pool' for you. I also heard that once the quota is full, they'll let you go more easily.
3. When you're asked twice or more if you're able to pay the saman (when the cop seems to be over-thoughtful).
4. Of course, if you're driving anything above 2000cc while sporting shades costing more than a half grand, chances are you're not gona make it.

Remember, you can make a difference (ahahhahha super-cheesy line!).

Ok gona go Zzz now. Early day tomorrow at Advertlets Paintball challenge! Looking forward to it yooooooo I'll post on that after 2mr XD


3 commentos:

missycheerio said...

I'm impressed with how you handled the situation. Seriously wtf cops can't do this shits to citizens like us,though im not so much of a traffic offender. :D

Good game :)

maRCus said...


this is EVEN BETTER than the version you TOLD me!!!


"you bawa 103 la adik.. LOL"

Steven said...

LOL pro ah u! hahaha.

was blog-hopping btw. happy chinese new year :)

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