City Harvest Church + CNY + Rock Cafe

Two nights ago, Leonard invited me for his church CNY event at City Harvest Church, Sunway.

So let's go!


I studied 5 years in Sunway and I had no idea that building I passed by almost everyday was a church. I thought it was some factory pulaaak lol.

Getting there was tricky too. It's easy to get mistaken when the directions given to me are 'there, that church next to the sewage tank'.

How la to find sewage tank in Sunway. Oxidation pond got la Leonard haha.


The crowd was Huge for a church. I'd say about 600-800 people were in the small hall getting to know each other. That 2:35 timer on the screen was the time left to socialize!

But I didn't get to know anyone there though. How la when everyone's lifting their hands in prayer when I'm apparently not. Outsider betul haha.

I like the fact that the pastor, Kevin Loo was dressed like a rockstar. Completely different from most pastors that I know.


If I'm not mistaken, he's less than 40 years old. But he radiates immense amounts of energy and passion.

One thing I found interesting was how the CNY festival was brought out and spread to all in the lines of Christianity. I found myself enjoying some of Kevin's sharings, where very little or almost none had religious elements. Stuff like 'protect your parents' and a few others, hey, those were in Moral books right.

'Sides, you can't go wrong when there's some happy music going on. Though I chose not to pay too much attention to the lyrics most of the time.


At the end of the 2 hour event, the band cooked up a CNY song too. This I like!


Complete with Pin Yin for us bananas to sing-a-long yo!

Look who came for the event!


L to R : Nicholas, *sorry forgot your name*, Jun Biao, Shaheen, Adeline, Leonard, Sebastian, Josh Lim and me.




Dunno what these two guys were doing la.



No gathering would be complete without yumcha so we moved on to Rock Cafe. Formerly (currently still affectionately) known as Medan, the guys had supper while I had my dinner >_<




Got to know a few really nice people....





Adeline, Leonard's cupcake.


Cheryl with her signature smile. Josh says she looks like Belinda Chee. I think maybe better xD


Quite model right?


Shaheen, Jun Biao, Me. We the Mufyians!


This pic says A LOT! Look at the smile-that-says-i'm-in-heaven wei!


Grace Chin. Look cute cute only but she's got so many things to say.


Business meeting also don't look this serious hahaaaa.


Me and Ms. Nice Skin. She called me that first yo.


Damn yellow can. You both look like you got scurvy.


Muka bahagia Sebastian.



Ok, Milo-ais finish, time to go home (shot by Sebastian)

Thanks Leonard for ajaking! Good time!


4 commentos:

Uncle Sam said...

Haha. Ms Nice Skin?

Cool church heh City Harvest?


Ashleyteng said...

whoa you're so active lar evo! u join so many events!
and owh! tauke josh also there! haha!!

happy cny!!

Leonard said...

Hola... Sorry lah bro... Sewage Pond lah bro.. where got oxidation ? hehehehe Anyway glad u found it.

both u and josh are heroes lah. First, I booked seats for u n josh.. bt when i went out to get u, the usher filled up the seats and we have to take the stairs..

After taking the stairs..josh came... and after getting him. Stairs oso no more..and i'm stucked outside.

But thank Goodness my church is cool enuf to have a live-feed. Muahahaha good to have u with us in City Harvest. Will keep u posted again if there's any event. Meanwhile, let's keep each other posted on when to Yum Cha.. !

EVo said...

[Uncle Sam] Yeah it's quite big yo. draws quite a good crowd too! how come u weren't there?

[AshleyTeng] not called called KePo..wanted to find out what was happening that evening haha..yeah josh was there.he's everywhere LOL

[Leonard] Ya live feed is kool. like real stadium's great meeting ur frens too. will keep u posted bro =)

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