India Misadventures (Delhi 10/11 - 24/11 Part 1)


People I'm in India now! Woo hoo!

Dunno why I'm so excited la. Not that it's my first time here also. What, it's like my 3rd? 4th? 5th? Yeah 5th time..

Kinda sad right, when everyone's taking advantage of dropping exchange rates and going to 1st world countries on holidays. Even the low low low Aussie dollar's calling out and tempting me to 'Buy me! I'm only RM2.2!'  T__T

And people like me are not taking advantage of the exchange rate and bergila-gila go to 3rd world India.

What to do. Looking at it positively, I'm actively participating in economy modernization. Now that don't sound so bad!  xD


This time around, the weather's kinda worrying.

It's so hazy like The Hulk ate a lot of petai and let out farts every 5 minutes.




Even cows lose their way in the smog and step out blindly in front of honking cars.



I'm glad for this whole week I won't be having to move around the haze too much. I still love my lungs a lot and will happily stay in the expo hall!

Anyway, what am I doing here again in the Land of Invisible Toilets?




We're having this MMMM08 exhibition showcasing our China-made products called Universal Shafts. Don't ask, there's no melamine, just lots of steel :D Biz was pretty OK in India so we figured, it's time to claim our spot in the Indian market. Ma have the exhibition lor.

4 of us are here btw. Me, bro, parents. Very family-family business I know.

Good thing about this is that I don't have to pay a single cent for anything..haha..!


A few more pics on the event before the preparation...







Behind the expo hall where all the shipped display samples are kept.


The Indian worker's policy : 10 guys will watch while 1 guy works.



Our crate is found!



Bro, me & dad.

I'm looking at my dad's pic and I'm thinking : if I'm not careful, my tits and nipples may end up sagging like his. Better work hard on those bench presses! LOL.



The venue's called the India Expo Center and is situated at Greater Noida, about 1/2 hr from New Delhi.

Just for the record, the city started as Delhi, then there was New Delhi.

There's also a Gurgaon, which now has a New Gurgaon.

And now, there's also a New Mumbai, like a derivative city of Mumbai.

I just believe that the old city becomes too messed up and the government decides 'Let's abandon the old city and move on to the New one'. Hence the 'New' cities.

I wonder what city's gona emerge when those New Delhi get too messed up? 'Newer Delhi'?

So after the Expo center in Greater Noida, we moved to the older part where there are shopping you guessed it...Noida!


There was the usual road accident on the way...












This is Centrestage Mall where we had McD for lunch.




Momo's is a Nepalese food. Never ever try roadside food in India, as a rule of thumb.

No no, make it rule of HAND. Seriously, unless you wanna get food poisoning for 5 days that I very bravely kena in Jemshadpur last year. Nasty.


I have no idea what number plate this is. Maybe it belongs to some rich guy who could have had 'A-Z' on his number plate if he wanted to.


After some running around trying to find an India flag which I think was a waste of time, we finally came back to Greater Noida where we had dinner in a place called Yu Turn.





The food's really Not Bad, We had Chinese food, but you know, Chinese food here's all a la Indian. Basically it's Chinese style using Indian ingredients, so imagine how it tastes like. They just call it 'Chinese food' to attract people...scammers!

To be fair, I rate it 4/5 based on Indian standards. Take 2/5 as my rating on Chinese standards.


But hey, looks not bad right!


Next up tomorrow...preparation!



And omg guess who I saw!


Hint : One of India's most successful industrialists. I was that close to him! ^^


-Tambee EVo-

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e s t a n c u s said...


Somebody OSO trotting the globe and meeting big shots eh? lol... Good for you! Loved the pic on the car number plate! Your description was loonyly hilarious! lol

Why la you go posing like tht in front of the carton?? Make you dad look left out nia. wakakakaka

nice post, cant wait for more. you shud swing by mine too. im shaking off my spell of lazyness. finally. FUH.

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