India Misadventures (Delhi 10-11 - 24/11 Part II)

Everyone : EVo is out of order with food poisoning. Not just any food poisoning, it's INDIA food poisoning.

I thought I'd developed enough immunity over the past few trips, mana tau kena again.

Good thing it started yesterday, after the last day of the EXPO instead of during the EXPO.

I can't put my finger on what was it that caused it...yesterday morning's egg during bfast, or nasi during lunch. But I'm sticking to good ol Hobnobs for my meals tomorrow.

Good thing there was a doctor around and he could get me some ubat...if not..

This is my current tally:

Puke - 4 times
Ceret beret - 4 times
Head aches like mad
Giddy the moment I stand up
Fever of 101 deg for d last 6 hours
I feel so bloated inside til now

And I thought that someone would say something to at least help me feel better but no, she won't.

I've no idea why. Is it too much to ask for?

I had to cancel my appointments today, and hopefully I don't have to for tomorrow's.

I think I need to lie down again. Wish me luck for the next week people >.<


5 commentos:

Axiao said...

Tat's bad take care!

eugene said...

ok la,after the food poisioning,you felt better like,didnt you?

boost your immune,bro.

do forget to exercise

EVo said...

I'm much better now everyone! after some resting and beraking..all's ok,i'm on the move again, now at visakhapatnam, that's in d south =)

[axiao] thanks! u should come n try staying here awhile since u like adventures so much hehe..

[eugene] well i dunno if my immunity increased onot but i'm not taking d risk mannnn. damn san fu lar!eat biskut buatan malaysia for d next few days

Ju Ann said...

minus the physical discomfort, you're gonne emerge a few kilos lighter leh!!!


Gosh indian food. ACK!

BTW re the game, you're supposed to go for the speed round and tell me your highest score dude!

EVo said...

[ju ann] Yeah Indian food..nowhere as safe as our local mamak leh.hehe.

Haha the game..i hate the fried onions lah! XD

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