Roaming in India : Part I

Hello all..Namaste!! That's hindi for 'hello'

This is EVo blogging live n loud from India, land of Chapati n invisible public toilets!


I know I mentioned Chapati in my Pacmee, but i realized later there's chapati available only in certain cities here. Elsewhere, nobody knows anything about chapati lol. So it's just 'Land of the Invisible toilets'.

So, I'm here in d car, just finished a meeting with Mahindra Ugine Steels in Khopoli. It's one of the 30+ steel mills I'm visiting to try promote our Chinese products, pretty ok visit. And now I'm on my way to Pune.

*stops to snap a couple of scenery pics*   

I've never seen this part of India which I can describe as green and peaceful, that inspires me enough to start blogging in the car.




So nice til it's almost not India-like.

I'm travelling with my bro n the local dealer who has been very procedure-ly kind enough to bring us around and arrange for accomodation, transportation and meetings with customers, existing and potential alike.

DSC04898 DSC04899

Poor guys, they're so tired.

The weather this time around is surprisingly pleasant, to the point that I'm actually enjoying some of the travelling moments. I personally found it nasty to come to India in the middle of the year, which I did last year. Temperatures go up to 45 degrees in some of the places I was at.We be burning!

So, what's been happening from Day 1?  DSC04614 DSC04615

I landed in Mumbai, 4 days ago, out of 18 days where I'll be moving from Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bangalore, back to Mumbai, and finally home.




I had a surprise 'starter gift' from my loving Psychkin. Gosh..what would I do without her~ ^o^


Internet connection's really quite a pain in Chateau Windsor Hotel, where I couldn't go online. Internet /wifi is available, don't get me wrong, but there seemed to be an authentication problem when I tried connecting with the password given by the reception. So blogging had to wait a few days. Hehe.

On the other hand, I quite liked the rooms; clean, neat, cheap, everything needed for cheap ass economical travellers like us.

*snaps another few pics coz it's so beautiful*  


An attempt to replicate the view with a stitched photo.

The hotel's also just by the Arabian Sea so it's cool as well. Not exactly beachfront view, but the type of view where you have to look between a couple of buildings to 'find' the sea.


We're also just 3 minutes walk away from 2 chinese restaurants, and that's cool, and quite a relief too (despite my liking for Indian food). I shall do a separate post on the local food here, it's quite something!

Staff service here, in fact, anywhere in India is quite fantastic. Everyone is at your disposal, simply because there is just so, many, people that's in employment, and much more waiting to be employed. You can imagine how cheap that makes labour here. For just some rupees, I can have my luggage taken up and down the car and room a few times, anything brought to my room, any amount of towels / food / toiletries, all with a happy smile :) :) I'm happy and the Indians are happy, what could be better? *happy*

*puts hand out of window ~ ooh d wind's cool!*


Ok, my car has stopped, and my driver's gone down for a leak*


And earlier on...


*Look mummy, no hands!*


2 years ago, my mouth would drop wide open in horror upon such a sight. Now, it's not so shocking a phenomenon anymore. It's just a norm, something which despite violating most social laws, is as normal as spitting by the sidewalk. That's why I call India the 'Land of Invisible Toilets'. They do it everywhere as if there was a toilet which noone else could see. Now, when I happen to pass by them doing their PeePee, I just walk on by.

Even the females. They're not in the least disturbed @_@

And just when I was able to digest the thought of public PeePee, I came across this by the sidewalk yesterday.



For digesting this thought, I definitely need more time. Yes, it's HUMAN produce. Wah geli sial.

Anyway, let's shift our focus on 'healthier' areas haha.

My arrival in India actually coincided with the Lord Ganesha celebration, where he descends to the lands with his blessings for prosperity and happiness.

DSC04715This makes the people very happy and celebration happens.



Despite being one of the poorest people I've seen, they're pretty psyched up with this festival. Just look at their faces! Lord Ganesha obviously did a good job on the happiness-blessing part. I'm sure he's working just as hard on the 'prosperity-blessing' part lol. Poor people, hang in there!

Travelling, just as there are its good points, has also its bad ones. Missing people is one example. I'm just so grateful for international roaming, or I'd feel so disconnected from everything..

Or maybe, mainly one thing..

*sighs and gazes at the photo just a little longer*

Sometimes I wish these trips weren't so long. Like a week or so would be nice. But when you're so far away and airfares ain't cheap, it only makes sense to stay longer for more coverage. Hehe making sense isn't fun most of the time lor.

I shall look positively and think 'only 13 days left' instead of '13 long days more' ^_^

Like now, I've just reach Pune. Yay! tomorrow is coming!

I also just realized the speed limit down this mountain road..


then I take a look at the speedometer..

Oh well. I guess they don't call it 'Incredible India' for nothing huh.

I'll be updating Part 2 as and when the time comes, so do come around soon! :)

How are YOU guys doing where you are?


11 commentos:

Patrick said...

what's with the hairstyle!?AHAHAH

anyways, u only took picture of ppl peeing on the road, wat bout u?u have to use the toilet as well somehow right!?HAHAHA..*wink wink* no wonder it has become a norm to you already!

the picture of ur bro sleeping looks more like he died of ur fart or something!

e s t a n c u s said...

wakakakaka... sound like you're having a BLAST there in India..! holiday ka?

Glad you been to Mumbai. Its the heart of india, so they say. Dance here and there, and movies too! hahaz..

Gosh, i heard about ppl answring natures call like drinking water there, but i never actually thought YOU would capture memory making moments of it! lol.

but its all in the experience, nontheless. When is your turn? lol

enjoy the rest of the trip! miss ya!

Princess Terry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

hai...EV..hope u enjoy ur India trip...anywhere take good care of urself....kekeke...have to celebrate ur birthday @ India with...mayb indian gf...

Daryl Teo said...

Namaste Evo....hoping u're having a smashing good time in India despite the very public and weird toilet habits the locals display!! Hahaha...still tickled over the pics of the fler taking a leak in the wind!!

Pls keep us posted about your stay there, really enjoyed your candid post on the local 'customs' there! Hahaha

Pete said...

Ha ha, invisible toilet. Better watch where you step, a lot of 'human land mines' out there!

cc said...

Oh dear god!! That is so uncivilized! With so many invisible toilets around, the scent must be killing!

Ju Ann said...

omg! that picture of the human shit. GOSH. I think I lost my appetite for dinner and will now walk around permanently with goosebumps on my arms!!


Btw how you know its human shit?

Take care Eugene!!

Axiao said...

Damn, India, the land of everything also can. Haha...been there twice for business purposes and it never stop surprise everytime. From the customs until the traffic. But nevertheless, it was a good experience.

eehui said...

yes! what happened to yr hair??

lol at the no hands and eh the public poopoo very disgusting lah

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

omg! it's that human crap on the street? ewwww!

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