Fashion Rave event...not!

I was supposed to go for a particular Fashion Rave Event at Pavilion yesterday with Psychkin.


These passes came as single pieces in a Cleo magazine, which means to get two tickets, you gota buy 2 magazines. So that's what happened.

One Cleo for Psychkin.

And one more Cleo for me. My very own first! *hugs my Cleo protectively*


Anyway 2 passes became one because apparently Psychkin had lots of work..


I thought biarlah. Can play with dad's canggih camera by myself.

Then I realized I had a meeting in the evening which couldn't be postponed to today.

So, terpaksalah meng-recycle the passes lor.



Good thing Cleo cost me only RM5.60. hehe..!

Anyway I always wondered. What's so nice about Cleo??

Despite the many copies which I religiously bought off the shelf for Psychkin monthly, I never had the chance to look further than the front cover.



Of which, this month looks pretty good leh... *who in the world's this babe???*   ^o^


With the magazine in front of me early in d morning, what to do?



(1)  Find out the page where this model was featured
(2)  Continue writing this post
(3)  Chuck magazine away and go to sleep

*check check flip flip* Aiseh. It's only a cover model leh. Not featured also. Yeah of course I went for option 1. You think? :P 

Since the magazine was already open, I might as well flip flip some more.





Maximum girly stuff. Yeesh.



Silly 'pop-quiz' and results..


Hmm..this is worse than I thought...


This is the worst. Guys should sign a petition to ban Cleo forever! What la this kind of influence?? LOL


Orlando Bloom's theory means that all other average guys look like pigs.


Eyy..I LIKE this one. very leggy. and skirty ^o^















And I come across some details on the Fashion Rave Event. It might have been a good thing that I didn't does a guy do 'Rockstar chic' ??














Probably the most interesting article was this!



Definitely worth a read. It's so interesting that I couldn't continue reading coz I got too sleepy haha..


Anyways I'll be off to India from tomorrow till 24 Nov for an expo in Delhi. This is a leaflet which was proudly created by me as the invitation.

Leaflet (Vishnu)

If you ever ever (based on the remotest possibility) come to Delhi, do drop me a line at +919967008527 or my 012 number. I'd be so happy to see a non-Indian face take you around!


Wish me luck y'all =)


2 commentos:

Ju Ann said...

hey evo! have fun in delhi! :) i wouldn't want to be in your position! :P

EVo said...

Ju ju! ur just jealous that i get to take poo pics! >_<

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