When life bites you too hard

It isn't often that I stumble upon a moment that tells me that enough is enough. That it's time to turn off the engines for a minute.

Seriously, all this rushing around with the nagging voice in my head saying that I haven't done enough is just f**kin tormenting. And inside I know that I've actually done OK. Or even sometimes there's not that much to do. Succumbing to external pressures? Maybe. I'm my own worst enemy? Likely. Who's gona be mad at me when I decide to stop what I'm doing? Nobody.

I'm after all, only human.

Quite handsome human la I'll admit ^^ (Moment of self-consolation)

I'm lounging over a mug of signature hot choc at starbucks taipan. Btw 'lounging' is a word I seldom use when I come here. It's always usually 'work'.

So today, it's just...chilling for me. 2 1/2 hours of my own private escape.

So SHIOK lor. *happily wash away the thoughts of work for awhile*



Admittedly, I still have mail coming through my gmail but I just leave it to run. Nope. no big order's gona distract me :)

And I'm also logged on to youtube watching cute cute panda videos.



(Click the pic, the link works!)

Absent-mindedly stirring my drink and sipping through the small straw is almost therapeutic =) Tambahan pula my feet are up on the chair.

Btw I've just been ripped off by the chapfan stall lady for RM8.50 a plate of 2 dishes. Don't eat that in Sin Kong if you're feeling stingy. Nan King goes as low as RM3.30 for 1 meat and 1 veggie so I'm gona stick to that wherever possible.

There's so many patrons tonight for a Monday night. What, aren't we running into some economy crisis? I wonder if people are actually raking money in from  this situation...*randomly thinks of reading up on investing on share market*

I know what I'll do. List my schedule of activities that happen to be interesting! *sudden burst of excitement*

I'll start with last weekend's happenings~

 17/10/08 : 'Mary have a little fairwell' -__-  DSC06380

Guess I'll blog about this later.


18/10/08 : Eileen came back to KL!DSC06382

Guess I'll blog about this later too.


19/10/08 : Bridal Fair with the new wedding couple. But tak jadi go la. And I'm not telling who's the new wedding-couple-to-be (yet). But I'm so happy.

Tell me I'm so discreet! Muahaha.


21 or 22/10/08 : Meeting with my IT-outsourced-Professionals aka bro's Uni mates on IT restructuring in the office.

IMAG0249 IMAG0262  IMAG0263

Rajiv, Sharon & Guoy. Actually Sharon's not coming but I just saja post her pic here.quite cute ma.keke.

24/10/08 : High School Musical 3 with Psychkin! ^o^

 hsm monash

Wasted that photos in blogs can't be tagged aka facebook style. That would be such fun.


25/10/08 - 31/10-08  :  Shanghai trip - Power Transmission Exhibition in Pudong Expo Center.

2/11/08 : Terry Fox run at Lake Gardens. Can't wait. After all, I'm 2kg lighter, should be able to take on at least the 5km route without bailing out halfway ^o^

Pic 028 Pic 030 Pic 003

(Pics taken in '07!)

4/11/08 : Madagascar 2 free screening thanks to Nuffnang. I'll always remember Jadezheng.com for this. Did you know that she's actually Cindy, this year's winner for Malaysia Dream Girl?  More on this at Kennysia. And I'll get to meet her!

10/11/08 - 20/11/08 : Delhi Trip - MMMM08 Exhibition & customer visitation *what...more poo pics again?*


That's all I can think of for now..anything else in between will be entirely spontaneous.

Feeling this relaxed really allows me to clear my mind. I should do this more often =)

It also makes me discover more things that I should blog about. Mafan lor! OK la, happily mafan LOL.


4 commentos:

Suz said...

yea!! you need to chill a little more. with everything so cramped up in your head, your work result will only head to more blunders.
however, this doesn't work on me. i tend to relax even more and in the end, no work is done =/

Ju Ann said...

how come you have so much lined up for so long one!!

damn busy leh you!

eugene said...

ya lor, sometimes we must chill out a bit, have a drink or two, as for me, running, swimming and tennis can do the trick, especially running, would die for it, man

Hurley said...

yo EVo, I'll see you there too with your funny uniform =P

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