Shanghai : Search for the dragon lady

I'll be going to Shanghai tomorrow (25/10) taking the 5pm Air Asia flight to Hangzhou.

It's gona be a week's stay to start on my Search for the Dragon-Lady. *ooh so exotic*


No lah. Haven't die before meh. Heh heh heh.

Not scared of anything, just virus only. You know how small they are right, slight kebocoran also dangerous ma..haha..!

There's gonna be a PTC exhibition from the 27-30 October by my China supplier, so we're helping them man the booth. I think it should be fun. I haven't worked at an exhibition for a long time.

But don't be expecting me to bring back pictures of hot chickas like Unclejosh la. That only happens at car / bikes / truck / lingerie shows. This one's entirely about mechanical power transmission products and the youngest female there is probably my mum's age lol.

But who knows, me and my bro may get lucky eh.


Or if we have time, we could roam the streets of Shanghai at night for 'interesting' sights and sounds. Phewit.



Worse come to worse, we could just end up with less exotic but more natural good stuff from China.









Btw I'll just share some news I read about the declining population of pandas.

These jokers, even if they were placed in captivity with nothing to do but eat, sleep and have sex all day long are just not Getting-It-On with each other. Personally I believe gays only exist among humans, so homosexuality's not the issue amongst pandas.

So what do the experts do? They saw that introducing human porn works for humans, so they..

Introduced panda porn to pandas.

Not joking, people.

And apparently it WORKS huhuhu.

Sex- Ed Class in full attention. The guy in green looks aroused kan?

Terror la these Chinese.

Anyway back to my trip, the guys at the embassy are so fed up of seeing my repeated applications that they finally decided to grant me a Multiple Entry visa instead of the regular Single Entry one (same goes for my India visa).

Notice the 'Entries' field filled out as M (multiple)

I've pretty much been to these two places quite often until I sometimes prefer to stay back home coz I miss chapfan keke.

So you know the drill. Just drop me a comment if you need anything from shanghai. just like what happened during my India trip. I'll do my best! =)

(sorry, no dragon lady ya. If I can find I keep for myself laaa) :P  

And I'll do my bestEST to find Internet to check back at your blogs! JIA YOU everyone!


7 commentos:

Ju Ann said...

Dragon lady.. hahah the picture so eye-catching!

Ju Ann said...

oh ya and have a good trip!!

Suz said...

I feel so disgusted about pandas now. they looked so chubby and cute but actual fact, theybloody horny! all along i thought it was a seasonal on-heat thing. Yierrr.. i still cant believe it.

eehui said...

aaaaaa i miss china................................................................................................................................

can i have euveng as souvenir this time? i m the 1st one in line right this time?

faye said...

hahha nice photos here..
and hows is china? my dream is to walk in great wall..hehe
passing here

Axiao said... how's shanghai treating u..

EVo said...

[ju ann] Well that pic that i found was just one level below d topless pics etc >_< couldn't find any other 'dragon ladies' keke. Thanks, i'm back now!

[suz] pays to be an endangered species xD

[eehui] Aww...which part of me do u want ah?

[faye] China's great. The food's awesome, can't forget about it ^^

[axiao] China gave me flu lor. what to too cool jor :P

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