The Animal in me (in bed)

Hey! Not my fault I chose this post title! Muahaha. Think I'm that dirty-minded eh?

I ter-came across the blog belonging to my ex-Sony colleague, Shiao Chin and she also was talking about how she would like to get it on with a GORILLA in bed.

A GORILLA man. I still haven't got over the shock. Shiao Intimidate Me. the same post, there was this!



You guessed it, it's a free-movie competition! As you know, I'm a total sucker for free movie tickets *ka-ching*

It's all thanks to this very pretty lady, Jade Zheng ( who's giving out 15 pairs of tickets for the screening. I'm sure you may have heard about her (to be honest I've never heard about her la). Paiseh. I hope that doesn't disqualify me lol.

So all you gotta do (and I quote) is to 'just put the below (or rather above) banner together with the link and put up a post about what ANIMAL would you love your boyfriend OR girlfriend to be, in BED.'

See. It's not me who's dirty-minded. It's Jade! LOL.

I know what kind of animal I will be. Choosing what the type of animal of my partner is a little trickier. Cos I've never fantasized about animals before...(I don't know about you) :P

Still, my choice of animal would be...

A rabbit.


Remember this show?


Roger Rabbit's not the object of fantasy la -__-


Jessica Rabbit!


What. Still rabbit whut :P tell me which 10 year-old kid didn't drool when she came on screen 10 years go. Haha.

No no..I'm really not that dirty minded..

I just like free movie tickets! And (hopefully) Free Madagascar T-shirt! ^o^

And of course I like taking my HunnyBunny for movies. No implication on the bunny/rabbit part k. It's just a pet name can? :P


11 commentos:

Mellissa said...

oh trust me, little boys weren't the only one who drolled over her. I did fact, i liked her more than i like barbie...hehehe...although i believe both barbie and jessica has a wrong concept of what beautiful is, i find her more feminine than barbie. hehe

Axiao said...

walaue..i tot roger rabbit at first..ahahah....

EVo said...

[mellissa] oh i definitely definitely dreamt more of, i mean admired jessica more than barbie! aiyo..barbie's all plastic..jessica's..ok a cartoon, but still. U know. ke ke ke ke.

[axiao] ish dun laugh. better than ur gorilla!

jadezheng said...

hi evo, thank you for posting, linking, & taking part. just wanted to tell u that u r chosen! ^^ thanks for the email add too! u're d only one who leave me with it. now i've gotta go around asking others.. hehe! c ya!!! will contact u agen soon...

EVo said...

[jadezheng] i am i am?? woo!so do we get to sit in couple seats?? ^o^

Jade is so lenglui lah! =)

Suz said...

hunny bunny reminds me of marilyn monroe! mm..mmmmm...

p/s: my turn to kepoh your site now =P

Ju Ann said...

u won din you?

congrats! :P

johnny tai said...

hey dude, dun worry about the rating. I find Jessica Rabbit hot too... just keep believing in that! >D

e s t a n c u s said...

Rabbits eff' like no tomorrow and multiply in a snap. That's a known fact. Now, are you reeally?



EVo said...

[suz] Cool so we sama sama kepoh keke. looking forward to meet u on 4th! =)

[ju ann] yeap i did. and if u come up frm s'pore to meet me i'll give u my tickets as a present :P

[johnny tai] T_T i think me and jade have a totally different concept about 'sexCness' la.. nvm wait til she sees me she'll know what sexC really is about. LOL.

[estancus] Bro! long time!! keke. gosh u really know ur discovery channel well ah..i dunno much about rabbits except for jessica and that they eat their own poo ^^. now i know better XD

-waiseng- said...

Me wan go me wan go too!

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