One Helluva Shanghai Night

Last night was absolutely crazy.

I'd love to tell you I went to all corners of Shanghai and explored everything there is to explore, but timing was just too tight.

So usually what happens is there'll be dinner after the exhibition and a short discussion after that. Then each of us goes back to our rooms.

That's when it happened.

You know lah, when you're a traveller..and the night's are cold you're just looking for that bit of warmth. And with not much company..

Oh..all that Blowing...oh, it was just too much. Oh it became so hot..

And all that soft and white..all over my face..

And so, so much body fluid everything was wet all over.

Shanghai really gave me a night to remember.

And damn, I think I caught the virus la. How how? It came just like that, not much protection available =(










Yeap, you guessed it..Stupid flu...!!! %$^$%#@


Gtg breakfast now..Today's the last day of the exhibition. Post will be coming tonight! =)

Cheers y'all!

4 commentos:

Axiao said...

Hey man,

How's Shanghai flu treating u?
My nose is blocked too after returning here.Chia lat la..

Tomoro's preview wanna dinner first?
call me 0123339328

Cheddarina said...

Shanghai has lots of places to shop! My fren juz back from Shanghai with tonnes of clothes and shoes! So wanna go there now

Daryl Teo said...

Yeah I was there some years ago in Shanghai. Love the Bund with the night lights! Came across a plaque on one of the french colonnial buildings stating "Shanghai Opium Cinmmission"!! Btw Evo it's u da man! =)

EVo said...

[axiao] Madam Kwan's petai had no effect on me there something wrong with me? u leh? keke..

[cheddarina] hi!fortunately i'm not into clothes n shoes or 1 week's not enuf for me keke..

[daryl] Didnt' go to the Bund time. But i went to Xin Tian Di. make sure u put that on ur list next time ur there..lots of eye candy..he he..

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