Souvenir Checklist!

1. Special Goodie bag for Psychkin. Happy! ^o^


2. Indian Cola can for bro coz he's a collector!


3. Strange Interesting fruity bar for Karena coz she asked!


4. And of course some barang for myself! =)

5. Fridge Magnet for Marcus! coz I'm a stingy guy who won't get the real taj mahal. kakaka..


6. Jennifer - Keychain (Status : Found!)

    but hor, it's still hiding somewhere in my luggage bag..I've been rummaging thru but still haven't found it yet >_<

7. Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Shah Rukh Khan, Hritik Roshan pics for Mel. I've been bitten by the Bollywood bug ^o^

    Kareena Kapoor...

    kareena-kapoor kareena86vs9


   Bipasha Basu...

    bipasha-basu-01 Bipasha_Basu_096


Shah Rukh Khan...

    shahrukh-khan-filmare-october shahrukh_khan_is_shahruk





..this guy's a bit lapok ady.

     Hrithik Roshan's the man now!

     hrithik-roshan hrithik_roshan_054_ljdr


8. CC - Goodies!

    Status : Got! How to send to New Zealand ah?

9. Keychain for  Jing-lebelle! (faced with the same fate as Jennifer's keychain, I have yet to discover it >.< )

10. And his souvenir, Danny wants me...

Picture 005 come back safe and sound kekeke. Damn nice guy right. And I have! It's so good to be home! =)

And as a final personal souvenir for y'all, I've handpicked one Hindi song, which I find to be quite amazing. It's not your typical Indian song, and the title is 'Khuda Jaane', that actually means "God knows". Right-click here and save the file (about 5Mb). Enjoy and tell me what you think!

Update : Eh, forgot to add one more for UncleJosh. If not for this guy I wouldn't have gotten free tickets to Wall-E screening last month. Haha silly me.



13 commentos:

e s t a n c u s said...

Fridge magnet!! fridge magnet! ahah.. or a super nice pic of Taj Mahal!! lol

cc said...

Goodies! :D

selena said...

hou yeh! i got goodie bag!!! can i ask for ONE more present? can i have a HUGE box of present delivered to my doorstep tmr? inside that present ah...must have...YOU!!! all wrapped up in nice ribbon! can can can??!?!?!!! ^o^

Danny said...

hey bro, i dun want anything. just want you to be savely back here in malaysia. safe safe journey for EE

Wen Jing ^^ said...

i wan can ar?hahahahaha..
help me buy 2 coca cola from india can? :D
and one key chain can? LOL
I'll pay u for that..can mou? ^^

eehui said...

i also want item 10. so sexy pulak. can share ar?

Mellissa said...

I agree that SRK lapuk edi. But he's still like the most emo actor around.

Hrithik is HOT HOT HOT!!! I love it when he dance. Huhuhu

EVo said...

[estancus] Hope u like ur souvenir dood! Thanks for chapati that like i didn't get enuf indian food wey..

[cc] Goodies, can! gimme new zealand address 1st kekeke

[selena] Dear..i left out 1 present 4u that day >.< but dun worry, this one won't melt or expire one..kekeke. u want me in a ribbon ah..wait til halloween :P

[danny] I'm back man! and..u can have me if u can tahan indian body odour muahahaha

[wen jing] wait i find ur keychain 1st @_@

[eehui] auntie zai u also want item 10 ah..u'll have to take a number..the queue for item 10 is so long.. XD

[mellissa] Mel! I bought some Hindi DVDs n VCDs shiok shiok! ^o^

Mellissa said...

Oooo any chance gua boleh pinjam??? Who's acting???

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

where's mine???? kekeke

EVo said...

[melissa] hehe can can. i got a few titles here..

'Partner' by Salman Khan
'Chakde' by SRK
'Dhamaal' by Sanjay Dutt
'Jodhaa Akbar' by Aish & Hrithik

but never even touch one yet!hehe

[slowcatchupkuan] urs ah..have to wait til next trip lorrr keke. n that's in november..patient abit! ;)

Mellissa said...

Wah lau wei! I've never heard of any of those. But since I'm not a fan of Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt...I'll borrow anything without them. Hehe

Ju Ann said...

hey thanks for sharing your experience in India! I'm afraid I may never dare to go india in this lifetime to see the Taj Mahal!

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