Penang pics leaked!

I’m just done sorting out the huge collection of pics taken during last weekend’s Penang trip… phew!

I tell you…out of 1200+ pics i filtered it down to…300+! Not much of filtering, but I can’t help it.. the pics *ahem takenbyme ahem* were so nice there weren’t many rejected ones.

In fact, there’s no reason to reject shots like this….










All these Priceless Shots. Tell me, how to reject man? xD

I’m tempted to do a post on it too, but I’ll sleep at 4am again if I do that…and since I have no Sebastian to help me drive tomorrow, might be a better idea to post a little later, say within 2 days.

And instead of a full post, I’ll just split the posts into 3-4 parts. I don’t wanna get flooded with hate mail from readers whose browsers may crash due to pic overload lol.

So while you read about my tomorrow’s plans, why don’t you click here to get the Penang pics? all 300+ of them..very nice one gerenti!

I’ll be going to KLCC tomorrow after work to pick up something I’ve been searching for some time….

….you might guess it’s a camera / electronics but no it’s not.

….Though it does have to do with photography and preparation for my upcoming Mount KK trip….








Crumpler’s Customary Barge backpack designed to carry laptop + stuff + camera around. I likes.!

Sekelip mata saja I’ve fallen in love with it already. Especially when it means not having to carry two bags while climbing which can be quite a pain. So I’ll be headed down town tomorrow to check it out =)

And if I get it 2mr, I’d probably use it for this Thursday’s Advertlets’ Genting trip. I managed to persuade Psychkin to join me! ^o^ I’m particularly interested about the photo session with Jupiter the White Tiger..yes, my first camho session with a tiger! jupiter-the-white-tiger


I hear he’s quite tame. And…. he looks well-fed too, so I guess that makes it safe to stand near him without him trying to get a taste of me. We’ll find out when we’re there xD


8 commentos:

Ashleyteng said...

i want go genting laaaaaaaaaaaa T_T i want....... no fate this time............
take many many photos..... pls... =.=Y

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Expensive la. just get an ordinary one can d. My brother bought one for RM200++

maRCus said...

wakakakaka.. kon ALWAYS looks dam farking farnee!! LOL

all the way from Kelantan! woots..

gtg work!! eek! >.<

Leonard said...


Im downloading the pictures nw.

It's gonna be great !

eGo said...

weh ! i wanna see the pics too laaaaaaaaaaaaa..hahhaha

EVo said...

[ashleyteng] Yeah come! then we play pball at bkt tinggi on the way down :P

[Hensem ahmike] Yo ahmike! crumpler bags r pretty strong n reliable, i've got about 3 in my house already (they're not mine) n so far i hear only good things abt it so i'm getting one myself lor :)

besides, it's AUD300 on website only, i'm getting min for cheaper abit, rm500+. pretty worth it lor :)

[maRCus] fuyoh...traffic frm up north. u da man sucram!

[Leonard] Enjoy dude. I know i did while sorting them out =)

[eGo] if u want go download :P

szetooweiwen said...

argh good laptop bags are such a rarity. im heaving around a Targus laptop and camera bag half my height its insane okay i beh tahan the weight but what to do i have to bring both around all the time. okaylah look like a ninja turtle dont carelah.

EVo said...

[szetooweiwen] LOL ninja turtle! ok im not sure how i'd look like. i try and see lol. maybe i'll look like schoolboy haha.

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