I’m now officially Crumpler-fied


Long long time ago, I heard my bro say that he wanted to buy a bag.

A laptop bag, he said. To store and protect his laptop wherever he went.

At that time, my firm belief was to use the bags that CAME WITH the laptop, i.e. if you bought a Dell laptop, you get a Dell bag. Or when you buy a Sony laptop, you get a Sony bag.

Crumpler bags022 

That means Free lah. I’m a cheapo like that :D

And then I saw bro’s bag…

Crumpler bags038

Crumpler ‘The Moderate Embarrassment’.


Then I saw his 2nd bag…Crumpler bags039

Crumpler ‘The Hee-goer’.

For such a silly name it sure looks good for a bag, and it’s pretty strong too.

And I have this Mount KK trip that’s coming up in less than 2 weeks time, and I look for my bags….IMG_3998 copy copy

For a minute, try to ignore the silly look on my face and the pose, but look at the bags. One is an Uncle-type camera bag, and the other, a small day-sack (not obvious), that I brought up Gunung Datuk with Desmond in February. One’s on my back, and the other hangs by my side.


I remember that the climb was all fine, until the part where I had to climb up a ladder while squeezing through a small crack between two rocks.


I got stuck. Something in my mind told me that it’s terribly not normal that I should get stuck. I mean, the fatter Malay aunties before me got through, so I bloody should too! Imagine me with a slightly distressed look on my face..while the fatty (and heavier) aunties look down at me with the wtf face haha.


Red arrow : marks the Stuck Point. Even Desmond’s got that smirk on his face as if he already knew I was gona get stuck. The bugger.


Anyway, it was the camera bag that was hanging by the side that got me stuck. Very bad idea lah, to carry two bags.


So, I’m determined not to let it happen again. So, like my previous post said, today I went to KLCC with EGo to the one and only Crumpler shop in Malaysia.

KL outing023

The Customary Barge that stores Laptop + Camera + other stuff. A bit big but I guess that’s how backpacks would look. Right? ……Right? ^^


Anyway, I’m a very happy man now…new toy yeah!


I was so happy that I decided to go binge-eating with EGo and Leowazza at Jln Alor coz I didn’t get enough at Penang. Tonight’s was Satisfying as hell :D

KL outing088


Tomorrow’s Advertlet’s Genting event, who’s going? Free transport + makan + show + couple room. What could be better? (besides free casino chips) lol. Can’t wait to hang out with the blogger kaki again :) Renee I’ll see you there! We’ll find a spot where they have Tandoori chicken a’ight!


Sneak preview : more Penang pics leaked…




Note : I don’t condone / discourage homosexuality. But Sam really loves David Cook ahahahaaaaaaa.

Photo credits + patience waiting + post title thanks to EGo..!

 Crumpler bags036


20 commentos:

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

EVo looks very happy with the bag :)

Cavin said...

Crumpler is less comfortable if carry on a much longer period. I'd probably have suggested Lowepro instead. But nevermind, you can always buy another one :-D

maRCus said...


Racheal Tan said...

I wish I could join you guys for the Genting trip :(

Baldwin said...

fuyoh!..new bag.

where's my invitation to Genting dude?..

Derek said...

Hahaha, u actually hugged ur bag to sleep? Awww...that reminds me of when I got my first High Sierra bag from Tearproof! XD

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Fulamak look professional with the bag lah

Nigelais said...

Macam kenal je the David Cook standee. Hehe. :P

kenwooi.com said...

the bag is kinda cool too =)

EVo said...

[tian chad] sure happy man..my first bag that cost above rm100! damn sayang now.

[cavin] Oh i know abt lowepro but i find d designs too mature..this one is just nice! so far it don't feel heavy. 1: i didn't carry it long enough yet: 2. i'm just bloody strong lol.

[maRCus] thank u.. u lagi poyoh! :P

[racheal] it won't be the same without u..

[Baldwin] Right here, right now. Come bro!

[Derek] i hugged it to sleep and still hugging it now xD

[Hensem Ahmike] Oits. thanks man. hope i use it just as professionally =)

[Nigelais] Ahahahaha. that's Sam Kon. damn funny guy.

[kenwooi.com] ur post is damn funny dude. i really LOL that time hahaa...

CuppyCakeMommy said...

elo leng chai..i love ur blog la wei..very2 nice photos with bright color..teach me how to make layout like urs..mine oni used the standard layout..plz..plz..

eGo said...

bwahahaha..welcome to the dark side *evil grin*

Renee Tay said...

poyo poyo poyo!
we had soooo much fun! weeeeeeeeee

EVo said...

[CuppyCakeMommy] Heyyy siti finally u commented! hehe. oh u can go download those blog templates one. u can find it everywhere :)

[eGo] yes dark jedi bUAHahah.

[Renee Tay] Yeay fun 100%! but if u had stayed for the 2nd day we'd have 200% fun..why did u have to go so early? :(

This Girl You Know said...

aiyoh.. now only you buy crumpler bag ar. sudah banyak tahun lehh...
yeah still contempleting if i should bring the dslr up the mountain. worried about nonstop rain. bah!

EVo said...

[This Girl You Know] Hey girl!ya la..just when ur contemplating about bringing dslr i'm contemplating about getting crumpler ma hahaha. nowadays weather can bring dslr la. worse worse pack ur camera pouch in rain cover inside ur rain-covered bag lor, that's what i'll be doing...

Ashleyteng said...

you're going to climb mount kk?! wow every1 is going! i wish to climb too! that's 1 of my dreams anyway, no regrets in my life i ever get to climb at least sampai kaki bukit only =P

can't wait for your mount climbing photos!

EVo said...

[Ashleyteng] you're not the 1st person to say that lor ashley..marcus also wanted to climb! lol but this trip booked last year jor lor. nvm we go again next time ok =)

Ashleyteng said...

wah last year?! was it because it's cheaper to book earlier?! or u wanna train up stamina 1st before going? =P

EVo said...

[Ashleyteng] hhaha this kinda trips plan in advance better lor at least can anticipate...but apparently, buying the air ticket later was cheaper by rm100+ !

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