An Honest Mistake Road Trip : Penang [Pro-logue]

I’m just back from probably the funnest Penang trip i’ve ever been on. As I mentioned before, this was this charity concert where Leonard’s band was invited to perform, so I tagged along as their unofficial official photographer lolx.

And as with my latest resolution to post early, here goes…

…a pre-post post!

Cannot post full post lar…got 1000+ pics to sort out wei.


Bottom left : Total 1298 objects (5.3 Gb). Scary can die @.@

But there’s no harm in posting 1 or 2 right? Before I pass out to sleep?

An Honest Mistake poser-practising at Tapah Reststop :DIMG_3514copy


An Honest Mistake gig lined up at Queensbay Mall….IMG_3805copy


It’s us at Feringghi beach!IMG_4645copy


OKayyy then…time for me to really crash out! Damn I keep forgetting that Monday’s a workday. TFR406



Full post will be here soon! Nite y’all.


7 commentos:

maRCus said...

i like you post.

THERE. ive said it.

so now can YOU please hurry your buttocks to MY blog and read MY post?



Boon Ken said...

Eh, I wish we were all still in Penang larr. Now I am in class, lecturer in front talking about God-knows-what, and I am thinking of the Krispy Kreme doughnuts we had =p

Leong said... fast.walau ^^

Leonard said...


Im excited for more upcoming Rockin' Pictures man..

Woohooo !

Ashleyteng said...

penang?! your weekend always so eventful leh ;) $$$ says everything, i wish i can do that too =P travel here and there, poor me PTPTN not giving me full study loan =P

Suat Lay said...

hello evo!

haha no la.. i cant go man. exams so damn soon n i reli need to buck up n start revising! sad :(
anyways yea great meeting u too. and don forget my pictures! haha :)

thanks alot !

eGo said...

woah ! when i saw an honest mistake, i tot u guys really did a mistake or something LOL

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