Lat Tong lunch at Bangi sweat to the maxx

Quick post!

Pre-official visit to Uncle Anson’s (my neighbour) new factory before the actual ceremony on May 16.

Some of you may know, I used to work in Sony in Bandar Baru Bangi. After I quit 2 years back, I thought I never needed to go there again.

Today I found out that Uncle Anson’s new place is about 5 minutes from Sony. Huhu.

View of the factory from inside. 3 factory lots of it.LatTongDay_01


A little fun collection of his : thousands of name cards over the years. Now this is what you call a ‘wall-post’!



  During tea-session in his office, tangkap gambar of tea falling.LatTongDay_05


Tangkap gambar of the other penangkap gambar in action also.LatTongDay_03


Spotted this on one of the display shelves. I always wanted to get something like this!LatTongDay_04


We had lunch at Restoran Kee V at Sg. Chua. That’s about 20 mins from the office coz you can’t find good Chinese chow near the office.

This joint specializes in their ‘Lat Tong’ & other potted spicy sweaty food goodness. Pics are in EGo’s camera, but the verdict is…..




Thumbs up!

Eat until damn happy damn full haha. Btw Uncle Anson’s in the pic above : left side.

Full post will be up soon.. I’m feelin quite disciplined that I’m posting often. I guess the more I do it, the less time I need per post, and I’ll soon be able to clear up my ‘post-debts’ for the past 2 months. *celebrates*


4 commentos:

David Li said...

That is such an awesome wall, I think I'll start that too! Collecting quite a few in Europe!

albert said...

Any spy shots of any new cameras in the making? ;)

maRCus said...


EVo said...

[david] it'll take u awhile to get that many! probly u can start stickin them on ur drawers first, then wardrobe, then wall xD

[albert] not yet, but working on that lol...password protected post when that comes!

[maRCus] oyah, yeah yeah!

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