What’s happening next?

I’m excited.

…partially by the upcoming trip with An Honest Mistake during this weekend. It’s a charity concert held at Queensbay Mall, Penang.


Taken during An Honest Mistake’s gig at Urbanattics a few months back.


…partially by the upcoming trip to Genting thanks to Advertlets next Thursday.


...partially by the upcoming trip to Mount KK in 2 weeks which I’m completely unprepared for. I can’t climb up 3-4 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing like a pig.



And most of all..



Tomorrow’s Krispy Kreme’s media launch at Times Square…..ooh donutss yummy I can only think of eating now ^o^

Make sure you wave at me if you see me there ok. Can camho kao kao there!


3 commentos:

Hemsem Ahmike said...

yoo I'll be in Melaka la. You guys camwhore super kao and blog it k :D

maRCus said...

Is that Adeline singing there? @_@

MelN said...

Hehe EV, if Pumbaa ever hears you calling him a pig, he'll go charging at you like how he charged at the hyenas. He's a warthog hehehehe =P

Enjoy yourselves tomorrow. Wish Leonard good luck for me.

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