Taylor’s Mass Colympics results..ahhhhhh!

Today’s Taylor’s Mass Colympics statistics:

Weather : Bright & sunny. 3002_97345272558_579737558_2915353_3500934_n

 Michelle, Wei Luen, Josh.my, Ego, Ellie Missycheerio, Marcus, me

Pitch conditions :  Nice & Dry3311_87087321135_672511135_2918442_3034636_n



Gear : Complete



Team delays : None



Yakuza spirit : 100% (minus our favorite uncle zahari) 3311_87030456135_672511135_2917683_6672537_n


Even Allan Wu, host of Amazing Race Asia was there to support our game..
















With so many other supporters, the pressure was on!3311_87031446135_672511135_2917697_173473_n

Ashley Teng & Missycheerio, armed with EGo’s cam, our designated photographer!

Bryan Lyt and Albert A900 was there to support us also! cewah cewah. 2978_78809926786_727626786_2191105_1159904_n















Even the pretty Hotlink girls (Xin Yi & Janice) were there to watch us win also!

Tell me, how could we lose??

Ahh…but sometimes..you can never tell.

Our game lasted only 3 minutes. Just 3, and we were out. I actually had hopes of getting into semis or finals, but maybe over-confidence was the first mistake we made.

And…carelessness / lack of training / planning / strategy? We find out in the post mortem later.

Good thing team Revolution was there to avenge our ‘death’ lol.


Clockwise : Aswad, Simon, Nickster, Eddie, Ashley Teng.

As humiliating an exit as it was, it’s important to remember :

It’s not about how hard you fall, but how you pick yourself up.

Easy to say, but when you’re looking at the loss…it’s not so easy >_<

For some reason, everyone’s looking at me (red mask) after we got knocked out. Why ah. Haha.3311_87089561135_672511135_2918454_6022276_n



Paintball, we’ll be back!

Picture credits to:

Ellie Missycheerio with EGo’s cam
Bryan Lyt
Josh Mr Advertlets – check out his post here
Yvonne Gum Bear


9 commentos:

Leonard said...



Funny wey... especially the last part.

EVo said...

[Leonard] Ya. budak kalah :( but u won't win till u know how it feels to lose so...wish me luck for da next time ^^

albert said...

On consolation, 31 other teams suffered a similiar fate of losing in the first round!

David said...

It's not the gear, it's the skills! and you got none :P

Simon Chang said...

well said albert!
and well,so is 63 other teams...

EVo said...

[albert] oh well. at least we got to eat dimsum while the others were burning their asses in the field lol..

[david] well, honestly, openly, without bein over confident, we got the skills..but the wrong ones. it's a different type of game altogether!

[simon chang] haha eh bro. congrats for making 1st out of those 63 teams lol..!

Ashleyteng said...

hey i'm here.

yea albert was right, a lot teams suffered the same. in my opinion they should at least give 2 pre round lah.. ppl wait for so long and play for 5 minutes only.

luckily team revolution manage to win the 1st game and proceed, if not we're gonna hate them , u know what, our game start after lunch break! haven't start already break. tiring...

minyi said...

Hello Mr. Commentor! =) HAHA. Ya.. Didn't get to say HI to you too. BTW, the name's Minyi. Not Xin Yi. LOL! =)

EVo said...

[Ashleyteng] I feel so comforted right now that i wanna go play recball again.. akakaka. Aiyo, start after lunch? no wonder 6 hours wei. how many rounds u played?

[minyi] Ahh. I'll keep that in mind *min yi, min yi, min yi*

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