Escape to Genting….!


The trip up to Genting last weekend was beyond my expectation.




GentingGetaway_09_220 GentingGetaway_09_279






I see all the upcoming pics and I’m quite lost. There were crazy many things that happened, and could have happened during that 2D 1N stay up at First World Hotel.


Last Monday, called me and told me about a blogger’s trip up to Genting.. for free. I thought, All-Expense-Paid-trip-to-Genting didn’t sound like much. Makan, show, theme park and stuff that didn’t quite appeal to me anymore.

Something like eating Abalone..You eat it once, it tastes great but you won’t wana do it again coz of the Uric Acid in my blood …coz of how much it’ll burn in your wallet.

But, this was free.

And I saw the itinerary that sent to me and I thought twice.














Quite instantly…*ka-ching*     $_$

I’m a sucker for great deals. And this was a package worth RM800.

Without much hesitation..I asked Psychkin to join me…

….And here we are in the bus on Thursday evening xDGentingGetaway_09_002


Next day is Labor Day ma. Of coz don’t miss this chance la.

Up in the cable car, we were accompanied by a tour group, that sounded like Mainland Chinese. Notice the woman in the white cap. She just wouldn’t let go of the bar thoughout the 3.4 km ride. And she was squealing each time the cable car rumbled past the support towers.



Personally it’s my first time meeting someone so afraid like this. I call it Cablecarophobia. Good thing she didn’t puke down my back…I would have so thrown her out and ended her Cablecarophobia on the spot.

And to set you in the nice weather mood…..jeng jeng jeng…GentingGetaway_09_007



Not clear but it says 18 deg ahhh…


“Dinner at Coffee Terrace at 7.30pm”

We reached in time for dinner with da bloggahs at Coffee Terrace!




This was another surprise. The last time, this place was more of Coffeeshop Terrace and looked nothing like the current Coffee Terrace. Genting did great revamping this place.

The food was great, though I couldn’t take out the whole buffet line. No time! And the variety was short of Mediterranean cuisine (pasta – so important but it was left out).


David Lai the magic dude, Joshua Chay, Renee Tay, Joyce, Leowazza,


Clockwise fr left : Ken, Samuel Tan & Bro, Constance, Daniel Tan, Adeline, Leowazza

And this was when I realized what I missed out on earlier in the day.GentingGetaway_09_020

Vouchers to 1. Flying Coaster, 2. Snow World, 3. All park 1 day ride, 4. Sky Venture.

We missed out on all this. Never expected these vouchers..we got more than what I expected! Sky Venture was something that I thought I didn’t wanna try, but with the voucher in hand, it was a ‘why not??’ thing. Mannn, the only thing missing were the casino chips..Of which I lost RM50 the next day la. I bought 333 at Taisai but it came up 332, damn.


These passes were valid until 3rd May, which meant that we could still play the next day. Happy.

Cute couple pics. Cheesy, but I still post it :PGentingGetaway_09_026



Joyce & Joshua Chay.

So tak shiok having to stuff the food in within 20 mins and rushing on to the next agenda… ya lah we should’ve come earlier >_<

But in the spirit of bloggahs…one will always have the time to……?!



GentingGetaway_09_027   Constance, Yee Mun and Daniel Tan

And because we were bloggers, we could do whatever the hell we wanted. While I was snapping like crazy, I didn’t get ‘Sorry sir, no cameras allowed here’. Even when I smacked the waitress’s butt, all she did was to laugh shyly and walk away.

No la, kidding only. I never do such things, honest.


“Dreamz International Show”



As Renee posts, and I quote ‘Featuring for the first time in Southeast Asia is a magnificent beast...the elusive white lion. Once thought to be a myth, the white lion first existed as whispered rumours in the wilderness of South Africa before finally being discovered in 1975. This highly elusive animal performs alongside the white tiger - possibly the most prized animal in modern times for its beautiful coat and stunning ice-blue eyes.’

I’ve seen the poster above around so often that the White Lion and Cub don’t seem to be so rare anymore.

And this time, we bloggers got to take pics up close and personal with the white lion. In fact I know of some of us who came for this event just for the white lion camho session, oh the shiok sendiri-ness! *ahemrenee*


This is where you go in.

And this is where we got to sit…front 3 rows yo!GentingGetaway_09_119


So, we had to sit thru the whole show, about 1 1/2 hour. Honestly, many of the parts of the show were common and occasionally, boring.



Dance dance, sing sing, jump jump, flip flip…aih..I think my camera enjoyed the show more than I did.

Until THIS started playing……woohoo!



‘The Globe of Death’! LOL. Not just any metal cage, but one that has (if you look closely) 2 motorcyclists spinning round and round the inside! Happening! Sorry I’m a petrolhead sometimes lol.

After 2 cyclists, then 1 another went in, spun a few minutes, then another went in and spun a few minutes!

That makes it 4 in total.

But I didn’t expect……GentingGetaway_09_058


…One more cyclist to make it 5 spinning inside.

I saw 4 spinners-in-a-cage when I was a kid, but 5 is really pushing it man.GentingGetaway_09_063

3 spinning in the top half, and 2 at the bottom huhu. *applause*



Human beings are crazy la, they like to pay to sit at the edge of their seats and watch people do this stuff and almost die like this motorcycle act.

There were light moments by this clown (I think, I don’t know). Or maybe he’s a comedian.GentingGetaway_09_038

Dunno who kena tepuk on the head that night lol. I like the motion effect of his hand..haha..!

And of course, his assistant Maria, whom I find quite hot…hmm wonder what lies under that pink tutu..GentingGetaway_09_071


I liked one of the ‘magic’ tricks where the comedian (I’m using the nicer term here) made tissue / tissue box ‘disappear’…GentingGetaway_09_076

…by throwing it behind the volunteer. Yes, the yellow thing you see up there is the tissue box.

And the poor guy is clueless.

Kinda pity him that he became the object of ridicule instead of the clown lor. But gotta give it to him for being such a sport, instead of getting up and beating the clown to death ahhaa.

The band, I must say, was excellent and belted out songs like a recording all through the night. GentingGetaway_09_114



And the animals!

The hyperactive, cute, 5 month old white lion cub!GentingGetaway_09_110


The white tiger that made its appearance several times…GentingGetaway_09_051


The less uncommon tiger (Bengal, I think).GentingGetaway_09_093

And finally…











Jupiter ,the majestic white lion!

Notice the guy who’s handling and constantly jumped at by the big cats.. GentingGetaway_09_148 

He is Enrique Polo and basically he and his family are the ones behind the show. They’ve been here for half a year, and till now, getting pretty good crowds for Dreamz showcases. In fact, his son is the one behind the motorcycle act.

Crazy guy. haha.

I was baffled by one of the magic illusions where the guy’s body was cut in half by the saw ~ ooooh ~. Let me play innocent and be ‘bluffed’ by the trick can? xD


But seriously, quite well and realistically done :)


The moment we’ve been waiting for..

“Up Close & Personal with the White Lion”

I don’t know the name of the little guy…but he sure is cute!

I won’t be posting everyone’s pics here, coz there’s just so many. Just mine, and the funny ones! Click here to see my entire photo-box in a nice easy-to-use interface. Very nice one.



                                                              Tiara and the Hamsup Lion Cub LOL.

 GentingGetaway_09_133I didn’t get a shot with Psychkin this time =( But Boon Ken did! >_< Ee bedebah.


Josh, look here la wei!GentingGetaway_09_129


Also included in our package was a special Q & A session after all other audience left the place. The following are several interesting questions paraphrased in my own words:



[B]loggers  : Where are you from and how long have you been in this business?
[P]olo        : We are from Spain. It has been a family business for generations..My family and I maintain and train the animals ourselves.

[B] : Since when have you been performing in Genting?
[P] : We initially were supposed to be here for 1 month as a start, then eventually we had such good response that we decided to stay for 6 months and here we are till now.

[B] : What do you feed the animals?
[P] : Mostly chicken meat and white meat…we don’t feed them red meat because we don’t want to get them used to the taste of blood ….   O_O

[B] : Where do you keep the animals? Do you have a yard / farm like that?
[P] : We actually have a zoo back at home where we keep them.

[B] : How do you punish your animals if they misbehave? (animal cruelty test question)
[P] : The best way to punish these animals if they do anything bad is to put them in a cage and ignore them for a week. These guys are completely domestic and grew up surrounded by us and our love…they are like children. It is punishment enough to not give them the attention they want. Beating them with a stick is no use, even if you use a metal rod, they won’t feel a thing, so there is no point (smart anti-animal rights activist defense answer lol).

Last one:

[B] : Was there any worst accident that has happened throughout all your shows? Maybe one the animals got loose and ran into the crowd?
[P] : So far, nothing has happened, thank god. (Sure ah?)

Did I miss out any questions? ahaha.

Last Groupie with Mr PoloGentingGetaway_09_142. Why’s everyone so serious one? lolx…


Find out more about Dreamz show right here.

Here’s how the place looks like after close-shop.



And here’s how the actors / actresses look like after the show (makeup off, hair down, with kids). Babies were not part of the props yaGentingGetaway_09_165.


Then we were off to the grandest part of the night… GentingGetaway_09_166
















Renee & Yvonne Lee , who happened to be ex-colleagues in their workplace.


“Midnight Fireworks to celebrate er….Labor Day!”

The whole lobby outside Genting Main Hotel lobby was cordoned off…just for us. Strange but true, I have yet to find out why we were treated like VVVVVIPS wei. Just without the red carpet only.


Addy and Leowazza doing their thing, with Daniel going w-t-f?

It was actually colder than expected that night…and with wind that threatened to blow the girl's’ right skirts off..woohoo!GentingGetaway_09_173 But too bad there were no skirts that night :(


The madness starts just before the clock hits 12…..GentingGetaway_09_180


Happy er…Labor Day! Why are we even having fireworks on Labor Day? Dun care!GentingGetaway_09_184


Daniel with da Sparks!


Tamie, Joel, Addy, Leowazza, Derek….Derek looks….weird here HAHA Derek sorry laaaa.







This guy is a Poser. A Born Poser. With a very visible tummy.


Me showing off my muskles.


Psychkin, Ken, Joyce, Joshua, Derek, Addy, Leowazza, Derek’s head looks like it’s been blown right off!

 GentingGetaway_09_194Last one…!

David Lai stoning, Daniel, May, Derek, Yvonne looking sexy under the fireworks, Chee Khang.

Just when it’s all over, we were showed how Genting really treated their guests…



A RM25 voucher at the bakery about 2 minutes away from where we were. Just when I started to feel that rumbling in my tummy *rubs belly affectionately*

Reserved for bloggers, also. Even baby Joel agrees.



Stay tuned for Genting Getaway Part II. Thanks for staying with me this far on this long post ;)

Oh remember, if you want these pics, both in hi-res and low-res versions, in a very easy-to-use interface, be sure to check out my photo box.

Being a blogger is Really, quite fun xD

I have something cooking up the past few days, which will be revealed very soon. I think Missycheerio knows a bit about it, why don’t you check it out? ;)


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Ashleyteng said...

yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me jealousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

i was suppose to be there too!!!!!!! T_T
and yea same situation here, got a shocking call from josh but was sunday afternoon, was busy preparing our event there in melaka.....

T_T why so nice one.. me really jealousssssss T_T

Axiao said...

Interesting outing..
Nice photos!!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

"Wonder what lies under that pink tutu.."

Pink tutu?? Haha! It was a nice trip la!

Renee Tay said...

We shared so much ay!
thanks evoooooooooooo

Derek said...

Basket, so few pics of meh. Summore u handpicked all my most retarded ones... *flying kicks u* HAHahhAHA XD

btw, sum of ur info off by a bit. Polo mentioned they were suppose to perform for 6 months, but their contract was extended for 18 months. (been more than a year already since early 2008) They'll be going on the 25th of July.

Hahah rmbr Unc Josh askin abt da 'accidents' and Polo tricked him? lolXD

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Hemsem Ahmike said...

Funness maximum!!!!!!!!!!

Me want go lehhhh....

Anonymous said...

very awesome, and it's free for you! nice...
too bad im not a user of advertlets.. genting must be so much fun! =D

Boon Ken said...

Ha ha call me bedebah pulak! It is all part of my sinister plan *evil laugh*

But yeah, we had so much fun there =P

Ju Ann said...

Wow the pictures are great!! very very nice!! looks like you guys had loads of fun! never jio me!! :(

EVo said...

[Ashleyteng] Aww so u were invited also!u really, really should've party! xD

[Axiao] Would've been really interesting had they given us casino chips ahahaa...

[Tianchad] Hey, I'm a guy. And I imagine, y'know. and Maria's hot-looking ;P

[Renee] ur welcome as always. thanks for being such great company :)

[Derek] Ahh. ok thanks for da correction yo. aiseh u didn't see meh..this is Part I ok still got Part II to feature mr.narcissist ok

[maRCus] go kelantan summorrrrrrr :P

[Hensem Ahmike] would've been great if u could come finally can meet u ehe.

[] if ur on advertlets it'll make it much easier to invite u :)

[Boon ken] I will never forget what u have done to me *shakes fist*

[Ju ann] cannot u have to 'cross the bridge' first only cannnn heheheee..

cikgu said...

some bloggers are just plain lucky. LOL. Good for you to share your experience.

Uncle Sam said...

Haha. I bloody tried to book the hotel for like a month back. LOL !

David Jr said...

Wah, seems like you all did the entire Genting in one day! Nice Lions :)

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