Blog Machine out of order

Hello all!

I'm currently blogging from blogger itself, instead of from the usual Live Writer, coz my pc's been sent for repair yesterday.

What actually happened was that the LCD panel jumped out of the frame, and it's quite scary I don't dare close it too hard in case it pecah and spills all the liquid all over lol jkjk.

Anyway, it's in the workshop (i'm not disclosing which brand it is, nanti rosak image-nya) so I'm temporarily using a spare laptop (for as long as a week). And this laptop runs on vista.

And it sucks so bad that I tried to install my old programs on it, and nothing, nothing seems to work. Firefox, Chrome, Live Writer, Itunes, my most frequently used programs, all don't work. I've tried turning off firewall, UAC etc and it still don't bloody work!

Boy am I glad that I downgraded my own pc from vista to xp.

Anyway all this takes the fun out of blogging, so I'm not gona be updating as before. Probably just text, no nice / funny / chick pics for awhile..until I get back my pc *sobs*. Which I hope can be ready earliest by end of next week. I'm being very hopeful on that.

Chat box and comment box are still open to everyone, of course. See you again at the next post =)


4 commentos:

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Eh beware of your pictures la. Nanti u become the next Edison :P

Baldwin said...

lol!! see see EVo's pix start surfacing everywhere on the net..

oh yeah, tell lar, what brand's ur laptop. Expose em'..who knws they might give u a free replacement unit to "silence" u. haha.


EVo said...

[Hensem Ahmike] yo yo ahmike! dun worry kinda pics dun qualify as edison chen standard la..chua soi lek standard only haha..

[Baldwin] Erm it starts with an 'S' lor so u can start to guess hahaaa...

eh where where my pics start surfacing wei? *paranoid*

Ju Ann said...

live writer?

i heard of that somewhere...

makes blogging easier is it?

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