Marvel Comics' Response to the Economic Recession

Yesterday, I saw something that would leave many Marvel Comics fans quite depressed.

All the time, I thought that Marvel Comics would be independent, and could survive as just Marvel comics / Marvel merchandise / Marvel movies without needing to resort to other means of generating income.

FP9767~Marvel-Comics-Women-of-Marvel-Posters 300px-Marvel_Comics_1 (1)




I was wrong.


Who would imagine that even Marvel could be affected by the economic weather, and had to diversify to other 'less-prestigious' means of survival ?



The father of Marvel Comics', Stan Lee, apparently has decided to move into the F & B business. And I was the first to check out Stan Lee's new establishment...

...yesterday, at Restoran Ming Chu outside my house.








Marvel Wantan Noodles.



Damn, I forgot to get the autograph of the seller.



2 commentos:

Baldwin said...

oMG!!!! hahahakkzz!

good one!

Kah Yin said...

i was wondering whats the end of ya entry, wantanmee??? good one! :)

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