My babe's back and we're gona turn up the heat in bed tonight

Oh yeah.

I'm so excited I'm gona blow up big time.

It's been so long that I've been keeping it inside and finally...

She's back!

My hot mama PC!

Oh poor thing you..stuck inside the workshop for 7 days wrapped up in plastic, manhandled against your will by those guys..oh how my heart aches for you..

My blog machine's back!

And I'm never letting you out of my sight again ^o^

I can finally get out of stone age and update as before...happy days are here again!

Do give me some time to set up her internals before the next post comes =)


8 commentos:

Ashleyteng said...

that photos xD are interesting! =P hahahah.. nice post!
i miss your posts lah, faster update pls!

Uncle Sam said...

sei lo.

Selena sure gonna get jealous sial.

Leonard said...

ey dont forget... your brother here oso helped sending your baby to the hospital tht day way.. Walk a few block... cross a highway... lolz

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Damn! I can't stop laughing at your emotions. Funny Sial!

EVo said...

[Ashleyteng] Wah ur sapot is so valuable la. ok will update ok!

[Uncle Sam] Nah dun worry la..dun say laptop..she won't mind me sleeping with my car also la..

[Leonard] Ahaha. of coz man. even though I have to find my own direction but still we explore together lol..

[Hemsem Ahmike] Cool man. asalkan bahagia! =)

aLviN said...

finally ur babe is back! eagerly waiting for ur new post ^^

EVo said...

[aLviN] yeah man...but so many pending i dunno where to starttt >.< how ya been bro?

Ju Ann said...

blogging machine.. hahaha cute

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