Hahahaha Lee Chong Wei Lausai

I read today's sports section in the thestar.com.my and saw this:


"Chen Long upsets weakened Chong

Wei in opening round.

The world No. 1 was beaten 21-7, 16-21, 18-21 by unseeded Chinese and former world junior champion Chen Long in the first round of the Indian Open in Hyderabad. It was the first time in 22 months that Chong Wei ended up as a first-round casualty after the defeat by compatriot Mohd Hafiz Hashim at the Singapore Open in 2007."


I wondered how that could happen??


I thought he damn gaya went and won the Swiss Open and even tapau Lin Dan??


I thought his days of 'Kena Tapau during Olympics' were back.


Until I read further and saw...


Chong Wei, who. . . . . . . attributed the early exit to the stomach upset he suffered the previous day.

“We have been having our meals at the hotel for the past few days. But I was getting bored with it and we went out for food,” he said in a telephone interview.

“I started to feel weak this morning. I started the match well but I was not in a good condition. I could have beaten him under normal circumstances but this was just one of those days. It was the first time that I have experienced this.”


I nearly damn LOL lor. So Lee Chong Wei LAUSAI. In Hyderabad, INDIA.

I can so relate to that in my nasty little incident last November in Greater Noida, India.


16 November 2008, early afternoon at lunch. Yummy:

IMG_6874 copy


16 November 2008, late evening:

IMG_7126 copy


17 November 2008, at night:



Ah.. Such fond memories of my gastronomic adventure.


“I was told to be careful of the food we take in India but I never thought it would happen to me. In fact, Wong Mew Choo (Malaysian women’s singles player) also did not feel well because we were eating from the same plate and feeding each other like puppies in love,” he said.

“I am always careful of the food whenever I go for competitions. But we had no choice because it was difficult to get food if we returned late to the hotel.

Where did you both go la late at night? huh? huh? xD

“We even had to buy water from outside and that was only possible if the bus stopped at a mini market on the way back.

“I hope the conditions improves when we return for the world championships. I will not be surprised if some of the players chose not to go.”


Apparently, there were also 4-5 other players who had food poisoning. I gota say he's quite a fighter for turning up at the games. I remember clearly that I was quite immobile for 2 days during the duration of my *ahem*lausai*ahem*. LOLx.

Well, all the best, CW Lee. Not at the games, but at the recovery...next time before you go to India, make sure you call me for first hand advice :D




Sorry I so had to post the last one up.. buahhahhahaa.





The stage is set, the crowd is restless.



Zouk 5th Anniversary, tonight. Are you going? =)

4 commentos:

Axiao said...

Chia lat la u...!!!

maRCus said...

wahahaha.. i have just ONE reservation:

Why their shit in INDIA so lam pek pek wan? not like the ones in Malaysia, got 'shape' wan? LOL

Must be the dalcha they eat everyday. ;-P

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

"Wah~ Todays' shit tasted so good!", the flies said

Naughty EVo, haha!

albert said...

Before reading this post, I've actually been going around telling people I'm not gonna eat that because I just recovered from a Lee Chong Wei.

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