Malaysia vs China Badminton Olympic Finals


A single digit loss in straight sets.

Lee Chong Wei was completely outclassed in this final possible chance to claim what he was potentially worthy of. Just when I was so gung-ho and made it a point to watch the whole match through -__-

What happened to the Chong Wei who won Lin Dan in straight sets during the Thomas Cup semi finals just awhile ago?



He was definitely not there this time..but what to do. No point crying over spilt milk.

Lin Dan lived up to his reputation, probably thanks to a deafening home crowd that went 'Lin Dan jia you!' compared to a 'Malaysia Boleh!' that wasn't half there. Perhaps CW Lee could have performed better if not for the roaring crowd, like how Psychkin wishes. (He he).


(if you like these pics do check out for more)


I guess it's ultimately not possible to say that these guys are trained to work under pressure bah. What more this being the first time where our boy got to the finals. Gotta give it up to C W Lee though, coz he had this brave face on all throughout the battering.


Isn't Chong Wei's girl Mew Choo with him in Beijing now? Any idea on how she could have 'affected' his performance, given that they are both pretty fit and er...healthy athletes, part of (I quote) 10,500 adrenaline pumped athletes who is in great physical shape, all of whom are prime physical specimens of the human species with a lot time once knocked out of the games. So what do they do? Go figure! Certainly not darts!

Does create a possibility of hanky-panky involved

Related to this topic are some cute condom pics I found at Daryl Teo's blog the other day.


 olympic condom3

Cycling athletes


 olympic condom2

Basketball atheletes


 olympic condom

Swimming Athletes


And this time...


badminton condom

Badminton athletes!!


Anyways, better luck next time Chong Wei. At least you don't go back empty handed.


KelisaNewGencrop copy


No Beemer, but hey, better than nothing :P



3 commentos:

cc said...

Still good! It's just not his night! He should still be commended on his effort.

Olivia and Amanda said...

I think he was too nervous with the nation's hope on his shoulder. We can see that during the match. Honestly, he played like an amateur but it's okay. He's tried. Or maybe he's too eager about the RM1m ;p

m-e said...

aloha ev.. still as hamsap as ever? hehe.. ur blog looks cool! but the top frame abit weird on my ie... looks as though the titles are overlapped.. or are they supposed to be like that hehehe

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