Raiders of the Ang Paus CNY 2009

Heya everyone! How's your CNY collections going on so far?

I'm pretty determined to keep track of the visits made this year..all the kind people who would have me crashing their house in search of two things:

(1) Money.

(2) Food.

What to do. I missed out on a lot last year when I had some traveling to do.

So this year. Must collect double oh yeah.

Current Stats:



I'm a bit worried that the space I allocated for Uncle Lim and Lee Kar Shing is not big enough. We'll see.

Sam's Open House! (29/1)

My first victim! *rubs hands gleefully*

But I kinda came late and by the time everyone was done gambling and chatting already.

Let's turn up the temperature and view these pics in CNY tones yo!


Isabelle telling us adult stories about a couple playing about with Royal Jelly. Very hot story.

So hot until Josh and Sheng Mae also got very excited when they heard about playing with Royal Jelly. It's even got Min Huei biting his fingernails in anticipation.


Sheng Mae and Isabelle. I finally get to meet the Sheng Mae! After all the hardship lol..


Uncle Sam being all host-y. But fruits also not he cut one. His mum cut one xD


Somebody's pretty hungry!


Sam : "On your knees if you want angpau!!" (those cousins look quite scared la dude.haha)


Aaron, Leonard and me looking maximum hemsem.

I missed out on one pic of our Federal Agent Shaz. Someone post his pic and let me know kayyy.

Marcus, we missed you la. Next time budget more time for the unexpected kay hehe.

Thanks Sam! Awesome meeting up with you again..and your gang is one funny bunch! XD

<in between>

After we san-band at Sam's crib, me and Leonard dropped by one of his friend's house.


Little did I know that suddenly we were in Innuendo frontman Remy's house @.@


I didn't quite see his face, but I did notice many cars in his house. I won't say how many, but assuming he's living alone, that's too damn many cars for ONE dude to drive wei!


I feel like a sour grape. HAHA.


Had a good chat with Leonard then dropped him at his place and went on to pick Psychkin from College Carpark ^o^ then we went on for....


Soo Ann's Open House! (29/1)

I'm very proud to know that my first time to Soo Ann's house is also Psychkin's first time, despite them being friends for around 10 years (or more) LMAO. According to her, the house is 'very far far in one', so they don't go there too often...

I couldn't agree more.

There are more turns in the road to Soo Ann's house than there are curls in McD's Curly Fries.



Still....We made it!! *celebrates*


(Note : I've taken off the CNY red tones, see until sakit mata liao)


Soo Ann's open house was a very comfy thing, with strangers crowding together on the same table..



I detect some Traffic Light color scheme kekeke.IMG_2531


While baby Dean is posing for the camera....IMG_2533


....the adults are watching Cartoon Network. The world has changed.IMG_2541


This is what happens when a Biotech student meets a Dentist student.

Step # 1:


Step #2:



Step #3: *ahem*not allowed to reveal too much*ahem*



See. How challenging it is to be a photographer.


I like this bokeh shot of Soo Ann's family portraits.



I always enjoyed watching Psychkin catch up with her old buddies.

They don't meet each other often, but when they do, they really, really enjoy themselves. They talk about almost everything when they're together.

Even sharing armpit odours with each other is something to be cherished. Just look at Soo Ann's happy face.

Couple pic!!!


And pic!

IMG_2580Actually the girls were almost desperately asking me to be in between them for the pic. But I modestly turned it down. Later others get jealous ma XD jkjkjkjk.

Stay tuned for more House Ang Pau Raids!!



6 commentos:

maRCus said...

Washsey!! dam chun post lor...!!

#1. So geng, can 'target' which angpaus. collected or havent collected yet.. OMG.. use photoshopping sumore.. waah! haha

#2. you photoshopped your pics into lomo style izit? 0.o

#3. you 2nd last pic, so the sexy wan.. no button at the top. haha!

#4. GXFC again! XD

Uncle Sam said...

@Marcus, lol, you missed the fun la dude. Miss you wei.

@Evo, nice post. Sour grape eh? Haha. YOu will get used to it.

Nice pics, and although i did not cut the fruits, at least i layan you all ma. =) said...

lol. nice meeting you. ur photos of sam's house very... old faded photos. nice. =)

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

sigh. this year i miss out on all the ang pao and pai nin session again. sob sob

looks so fun ^^

EVo said...

Sorry guys,forgot about this post >_<

[maRCus] oh..after post i rounded up abit more..but lazy to post liao ^^ this pics i didn't ps it, i used d built-in pic editor in windows live writer..

Oi. my cleavage cannot simply check out one ok *covers up* LOL

[Uncle Sam] Thanks for having us la.u r a Cun host can.

[cincau] Thanks! nice meeting u i know who's the cincau guy haha..

[irvine] Well ur gona miss out on our yeesang session too leh..

Ju Ann said...

wah wah look at who has ang pows in his breast pockets!!!

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