Torchlight CNY Night

This is Attempt #1 in scribbling some light-in-the-air words:


I think this pic will bring a truck-load of shame to the world of photographers. Paiseh.

I saw these pics couple of weeks back and wanted very much to imitate them.

spaceball lightgraffiti 1544647455_e1f5555726

Anything will do but like the first pic! lol.

I wanted to write a long message, which needs say...1 or 2 minutes. But the longest I can hold the shutter open is 30 secs, then it's BULB mode.

BULB mode is a mode where the shutter is held open as long as the button is pressed. On Canons (and most other makes I think), it's on M mode. Which means someone has to press and hold the button while I'm writing.

(Why in the world is it called BULB anyway? -__- anyone knows?)

Soooo, with me doing this alone, I had to tie a rubber band and a stubby piece of paper to keep the shutter pressed. Very schoolboy, but It works.

Attempt # 2


Hantu EVo huhu. Not ready.


Attempt # 3


Message is coming!


Attempt #4


Ter-press when I was trying to MURDER the *@#^@* nyamuk around my legs.

Attempt #7 / 8 / 9




Attempt #11



Don't ask me why it takes 1+ minute to write this just needs that time!

There were more that I missed out but I didn't wanna be outside with the damn nyamuk anymore. It felt quite as big as a housefly when I tried to slap it.

IMG_2501 copy


So everyone. Hope you have an awesome prOXperous year ahead! Ang pau pang pang lai! Open house make sure call me!

Yee Sang party, anyone? For real. Drop me a comment if interested =)






8 commentos:

Leonard said...

hey.. let's do yee sang one of these days.. get Sel to come along lah, MArc n all

maRCus said...

Eh chilakah!! so nice pics.. how you did it ha? tht day i uKM oso i saw my frens pics from Putrajaya at night.. dam chun wei.. come come.. lets go one day.. XD

Uncle Sam said...

Hey, nice pics wei. Damn, i really need to get my hand on a camera already.

Eh, yee sang party? ONz, update me wei. Anytime. =)

Cheng said...

WAH!!! Good work!!! ^_^

Ashleyteng said...

walao terkejut me when i see the "ghost" photo! haha!

so u use torchlight to make this?! this is my 1st time seeing art work like this =P but it's awesome!

make more la... =D

cikgu said...

thats a good effort in photograhpy. I must learn oso lor :)

Celine said...

Hey, cool stuff. Got to try that out one of these days. Any tutorial? :)

Anyway, have a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!

EVo said...

[Leonard] Great bro!planning one now! =)

[maRCus] It's about holding the shutter open longer at low light so your light-device really glows hehe. show u some time!

[Uncle Sam] Thanks man. will update's on! =)

[Cheng] Thanks cheng! give me ur blog can?i can't see ur profile..

[AshleyTeng] I used handphone@first but not bright enuf, so yes I used torchlight eventually. Cannot make so many..not enuf blood for mosquitoes to eat lol.

[cikgu] thanks bang Z!ur canon can do the same thing with a tripod =)

[celine] tutorial ah..i think got plenty online leh..coz if i teach u i charge one.. :P

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