Kenny G's Winter Album

As I work late into the night, there'll be times when I need to take a short nap, or what they call 'power naps'.

Normally, the recommended power nap period is 10-15 mins. That's enough to pump some juice into your head to keep working fresh for another hour or so.

Honestly, more often than not, my power naps sometimes hit 30-45 mins. Not lazy lah. Just erm......ok a Bit lazy lol.

I know it's waaay past Xmas (17 days to be exact), but 10 mins ago, when my head's down on the table, with eyes closed and semi-hibernating, Kenny G's Greatest Holiday Classics album happened to play on my playlist.

It is just, Awesomely, relaxing. I don't know, maybe it brings warm cosy winter visions to mind. I'm an Xmas fanatic, it so happens.

So I'm recommending this album to you. Download it here (All files 70.9 Mb). I'm not a saxophone fan, but I'm telling you, it's food for the soul that works 365 days a year. And I've had this album for 3 years already :)


Just try not to think of the Afro-Mop hairstyle and botak forehead, or your snowy-mountain, holiday-like visions may not be as attractive as it could actually be.

So download, plug in and enjoy.


4 commentos:

Ju Ann said...


Ju Ann said...

oh thanks for sharing the album! I played it till I went to sleep last night! :)

EVo said...

Awesumm! ^o^!

ck lam said...

nice sharing of Mr G's music.

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