2009 New Toy #1

I picked this up from Computer Exchange outside my house.



Maxtor Basics External HDD with....




1 Tb of delicious storage!

Yes omg 1,000,000,000,000 bytes of files ermmm.....Pics, Videos, Movies, ermm yes VIDEOS.


It's not very big, but bigger than most regular external HDD. That makes it a little bulky for travel, but ideally it's supposed to sit on your desk almost permanently and suck in whatever you feed to it.



1,000,000,000,000 man. One Million Million. I'm not sure if I should be this shiok, maybe this is a common household item in everyone's house now, but so many zeroes makes me happy like money can.

Surprisingly, it costs me only RM370. Very affordable, yes? The last time I checked, that was the price of a 200 - 300 Gb HDD.

Anyhow I was very happily filling it up with my junk then I checked properties.






Just take a look at the capacity. Only 931 Gb? If it's 999 Gb and they say 1Gb was taken up by system files I understand la. But 931 Gb wor.

I feel conned by Maxtor. 69 Gb la.

One small harddisk you know?

Anyhow I'm running out of ideas on what to do with the 840 Gb space left...

So I'm renting it out! Yes, who needs backup storage please contact me. VIDEOS and PICS content preferred! xD



9 commentos:

Ju Ann said...

LOL like that also can ah! Gosh 840gb! Go download all the old movies and store them up! When you're all grey and wrinkled, you can rewatch it all again! :)

Axiao said...

Ha..i got my 500G 2 months ago almost 2 months ago nia..:(

n I'm running out of ideas what to put inside already....

Anonymous said...

when u say junk.. u mean ur PORN

Average Joe's said...

Why do u need a TB space of memories.. makes me wonder..
Average Joe's advise: Go download..

1. Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles Movies (the old 1s)
2. Ghostblaster Movie
3. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (all5 seasons)

Sound good???

永遇乐 said...

Could it caused by Bit<>Byte conversion?
So that 69 GB disapeared?

Besides "GB" not equal to "Gb";p

EVo said...

[Ju Ann] Got alot of movies ady!stored it in dvd..and..my bro punya 1Tb HDD..ahaaha...

[Axiao] Dun say so fast..2 more months and 2Gb will be cheaply available @.@

[Anonymous] Porn put into External HDD one meh? if u need it instantly then how?

[Average Joe's] Those r now queueing on my dl list joe! next question is..when i'm gona watch it hahaaa..

[永遇乐] Dude. good try..but 1 byte = 8 bits. means i have 1,000,202,240,000 x 8 = 8,001,617,920,000 @ 8 Terabits wor..All maxtor users should unite and sign petition against maxtor lol.

iCalvyn.com said...

actually they calculate by the bytes, if you want fully 1000G, they hav to give you 1024G already. Which mean they will extra give you 24G, but actual not.

see the capacity there are 1000,202.. bla bla.... so "1000" in front already consider 1000G space ;)

this is how they calculate

EVo said...

[icalvyn.com] Hmmmmmm........*gives some thought but still end up with blank look*

iCalvyn.com said...

I try to come out a calculation already, compile this topic at the moment, let you know the actual calculation later on ;)

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