Hello, 2009, will you be nice?

I drove very fast today on the way home.

I couldn't think straight, just wanted to feel myself getting thrown about in the car.

How come driving fast helps to ease anger? I dunno.

It hurts when it seems like you're the only one trying to make things work. So much bottled up inside but left unsaid for fear of the worst that could result from an outburst.

Why do the arguments seem to happen more nowadays? i hate it but if it stays inside it'll get worse.

And lately..I look into the mirror and I see my own worst enemy.

I'm killing myself slowly.

So many things i wish i got done last year but didn't get to do; they shall be my reso's for this year.


Things I got to do:

1. Hung out with my best buddies more often than last year.

Pic 165 DSC07108 

DSC03940 IMAGE_423

IMAG0306 IMG_0749


2. Organized a combo birthday celebration for wei luen, jeremy and eileen.

Pic 178 Pic 179


3. Jammed at least 3 times last year haha.



4. Found new jamming kaki.









5. Invited for 6 weddings, made it for one and a half. (Half coz I could only make it for Qing Zheng's bachelor party). The 'one' was Christine & Lee Kien's wedding. And watched as 4 couples got engaged. :)



6. Organized Psychkin's 21st 'poolside' bday 'bash' with her coll buddies. LOLwtf.











7. Went to India. Thrice.


#1 Pic 010 Pic 468



#2 DSC04614 DSC04773








#3 DSC06806 IMG_6566


8. Found Prada shades that cost a neat USD 500+. Use only if you wanna make a Lao-fu-zi fashion statement.












9. Adopted an Indian boy.










(haha..kidding only I'm not angelina jolie).


10.  Made new friends from India.

DSC05344 DSC05727

DSC04688 DSC04684





Kapil, Avinash, Bhargav, Prasad. Pretty nice and funny guys.


11. ALMOST made contact with Mr Ratan Tata, most successful industrialist in India.


12. Joined the must-go 30 Hour famine.

Pic 210

Pic 248


13. Blogged 42 posts in the whole year. Big jump from previous year ok.





14. Further explored the blogosphere and found friends within the most awesome people.

Pic 131 Pic 173

            Marcus Tan Eng Soon!                                    Vin!

DSC06570_thumb[3] DSC06381

                    Ju Ann!                                                                 'Average Joe' Yik!

DSC06607 DSC06608

                       KY!                                    Axiao & Mei Sia!

Pic 288


Siewy and Wei Chee!                                         Cindy Malaysian Dreamgirl!       





Ryan, Rames, Yoke Yee, Joshua Tallboyz, Jen, Kate, Hikaru Lim, Jason Smashpop!


 DSC03764 DSC03768

                     UncleJosh!                               Advertlets lau-pan Josh Lim!


15.  Tried to camwhore with the silliest things and in the silliest ways possible.

DSC06602  DSC07325

Pic 151 DSC07205

Pic 189 DSC07282

Pic 051


16.  Brought my 2nd brother kaikai as many places as possible.

DSC03365 DSC03743

                   Doggy prom                                         Dogathon event at UPM



Pic 021 Pic 060

to PD for 1 night BBQ with neighbours


IMG_8739 IMG_8884

to Cameron for 2 nights with neighbours

Pic 016 copy

And.....Into bed with me xD


17.  I had a reasonably good financial year..with some savings and investments that come linked with health insurance. But it ain't nowhere near what I'm targeting for this year. I've finally come up with a business idea complete with a business plan. An idea filled with the things that I love : people. entrepreneurship. online. I'll share it with you very Very soon :)


Things I've got to get done in 2009:


1.  I got off the start of last year with very bad relationship with several 'possibly related' people. I've GOT to make that up.

2.  Travel to at least one European / Asia-Pacific + South American country.

3.  Kick-off my new venture by 1st quarter 2009.

4.  Bring my parents to some holiday destination (besides India and China LOL).

5.  Get a hold of my temper. It's growing a little too out of control for the likings of people around me and myself.

6.  Speak in reasonably fluent Hindi phrases besides 'Bipasha Basu' and 'Priyanka Chopra'.

bipasha-basu-01  dostana 








7.  Get my body in shape like Hrithik Roshan.



Shouldn't be too hard xD. Oh wait..those are his arms not legs!!


Cheers ya'll to a great year ahead!

8 commentos:

Axiao said...

Best wishes for 2009 ventures and adventures!!!!

-waiseng- said...

Happy new year Evo!!

The things that u've done on 2008 is awesome! I was supposed to go Femine as well, but ended up didnt go because of lazyness :P

Gambate for ur resolutions, and hope u'll archive all of it. Btw, u wanna speak fluent hindi to "kau lui" ah? :P

e s t a n c u s said...

1. Wahsey.. you're jammin vid dam farnee!

2. Wahsey.. the pic of shit in INDIA AGAIN!!

3. Wahsey.. i want that pic of us in 30 hour famine!!

4. Wahsey.. Why such a constipated look whn 'ramming' the poor guy from the behind? drunk ka? aha

5. Wahsey.. flexing your muscles not looking so good during sunset lar.. wahahah

6. Wahsey... i DIDNT know you had a dog!!! (im scared of em..) but can you intro me to yours? (Doesnt bite, right?) LOL

EVo said...

[axiao] thank u thank u!hope all ur audio tests no NG!

[waiseng] haa..one of my resolution also is to meet u man..u very evasive ah never can find u one lol

1. which one which one vid man?
2. ya..that is my favorite 'crap'py pic..LOL
3. har i didn't give u that pic?
4. coz erm u know,it happens when u try to put something big into a small opening..
5. What. i thought that pic was pretty flattering :P
6. Next time got dog events i call u la.i only scared u pee in ur pants...

Ju Ann said...

your funny pictures are sooooooo out of this world man!!

and your dog is cute!!! he must eat a lot!

Average Joe's said...

Im listed as 1 of ur most awesome people.. Thats so Average..

Keep it up bro...

EVo said...

[ju ann] i try my best to keep u happy! ^^ ya..he really, really eats alot..can't stay full for 10 mins.

[average joe] Awesome and Average are different things man xD u da man! Happy birthday!

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

wah macho. i am so far behind him =(

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