India Misadventures (Delhi 10/11 - 24/11 Part III)


Status : *beep....beep...beep - ONLINE*

Not my PC, my digestive system!

Hey, it's no laughing matter guys, INDIA food poisoning y'know. Just when I talked about it in my previous post. I'm glad I live to tell the tale.

It all started on that fateful 18-11......


It was a bright final day of the Exhibition at Delhi...everything was going great, our big customer came to visit us..


(I'm 2nd from the left)

Some customers even came to play ONE-TWO-ZUM with me..

IMG_7054 copy

Kidding lah. Mr Mohan Singh and I were deep in Technical discussion kay. About my shaft. My Universal Shaft hehe.



So many other customers came while Mr Singh and I were still discussing. You can still see my hair and Mr Singh's turban in the foreground LOL.


Then the time came to start packing up..that's where it started..


At first I thought I was just I lay on the table and tried my best to keep a straight face..


Then after awhile..cannot tahan.


See how my condition goes unnoticed while everyone's happily talking. Aih. They might have even thought 'Lazy buggar this EV'.


Then finally, I had to rush to toilet to let everything out, upwards into the basin. No, I didn't take pic of that, I'm not a idiot lol. It's a viscous mixture of spices and Indian rice & oil you don't wanna see. Not appetizing at all.

This is me after puking :D


I thought it was the end. But it was just beginning.



Yee-eeh. My constipated face also quite yeng wor. Keke.


Btw that time we were all packing to end the show. By the time we got back to the hotel, out came another round of Indian rice + Oil. Fualamak. I can still remember the pattern in the toilet bowl.

Anyhow I mustered the courage to give a presentation on a joint venture proposal to our Principal......before letting out another round of Indian rice + Oil and subsequently KO on the bed for the next 20 hours.

Damn PAIN weh I tell you. Especially after puking 4-5 rounds your insides feel like a cocktail bein spun around in a blender.

Our Principal keep going 'Poor Eu Veng' as he watched me writhing about on bed like I was being sodomized by a horse. Well, Everyone was standing around and watching me lah.


Thanks to my blog readers' well wishes, I'm happy to say I'm normal again!!

Psychkin did an amazing job..she just gave that little spark that worked like a charm in my recovery ^o^


Old mum also managed to find me Dr Dutta that got me a prescription...



...and ....Indian tablets >_<



No choice lar. Just gota pray that they're properly vacuum-packed then swallow only.


Well, so far so good, except for bloatedness and motion sickness in the car and on the plane to Visakhapatnam (that's where I am now).

So the first thing I had when I felt normal this evening after dinner:



It tastes so.. damn.. good. Especially after 2 days of plain water. Gosh I need to buy a few of these when I get home. YUMMY.

Anyways I'm staying in this very cool hotel now.



Really must share it with y'all soon! =)



I'm healthy again. Hohoho.


2 commentos:

Ju Ann said...

Good to know you are feeling better.

Hahaha the picture of you laying scissors paper stone is so funny!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Why like tt one! Hahaha

Daryl Teo said...

Hey good for you Evo. U can survive India u can survive anything! (Wasn't a racist comment! We all know how poor sanitation & hygiene is there!)Good to have u back!

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