A Temporary Update

*Stares at posts to update unbelievingly and faints*

Am I really that busy or do I make myself sound busy? Keke.

I wanted to post on Shanghai exhibition, Mary's farewell, Eileen's return, Ju Ann's coming, IT meeting, High School Musical3, Terry Fox but couldn't find the time.

Actually my net connection's temporarily down. And as a result, I'm suddenly finding so much time on my hands so I can actually blog. I'm so highly dependent on the internet. Sei mei.

Therefore I shall meng-summary-kan my latest happenings into a single post.


Mary's Farewell (17-10-08)

Mary, Sher Leen & Shee Na


Me & Shee Na


Mary, Patrick & Yew Weng (I think)

Me & Mary's bro, Average Joe


Mary, me & Shee Na. I miss those Monash days!


Eileen's Return (18-10-08)

Dinner was at Che-go Korean Steamboat!

Psychkin, Eileen, Michelle, Jeremy, Wan Keng


Lol 'Eileen's return' sounds a little like some alien creature making a comeback.


Cheeng Cheeng and Wei Luen doing his usual Babi-thing.



Ju Ann's Coming (1-11-08)

Met up with Ju Ann,a very sweet and funny blogger from S'pore who came all the way to visit me! ^o^

Okay, maybe she came to visit her grandparents but I choose not to believe so muahaha.


That's not Ju Ann, that's me and Psychkin's pre-Ju Ann makan.


Ju Ann if you're reading this..

I'll make sure I'm not hungry before we meet again next time! :P





Quite nice right her hair-job? Rm200+ y'know..not nice also have to say nice or she'll never come find me anymore.

OK my net connection's live again. More pics up in the next post, whenever that may be haha.

Btw i've created a timeline section on my daily activities (Jadual Waktu on the right column). I hope you'll understand why I'm usually rushing like a madman >_<



P.S. Obama won! I don't know why but I'm real happy he won =) go Minority! (Click here to see the actual transcript of his debut speech). Damn merangsangkan lor.

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