Roaming in India : Part II - 'Serial blasts rock Delhi; 30 dead, 90 injured'

This just came in:
"NEW DELHI: It has become nauseatingly familiar. Low-intensity bombs placed in crowded markets, killing and maiming children, their parents, unsuspecting shoppers, unmindful of their caste, creed or religion. Within a month and a half of Jaipur, Bangalore and Ahmedabad terror blasts, Delhi was mauled on Saturday leaving 30 innocents dead and 90 injured. ( Watch )".

Hang on, I'm in India! Shite!

In fact I was roaming around the hotel taking random pics and RANDOMLY took this pic of my room TV. Then only I knew what was happening.

Fualamak. Happening shit man lol.
"In all, five bombs went off in less than half an hour. Two of them in the heart of Delhi in Connaught Place, two at the upscale Greater Kailash M Block market in south Delhi, and one, the most damaging one, in the crowded Ghaffar Market in Karol Bagh."

Connaught Place is akin to the commercial center of New Delhi, and I was there about 5 months ago.

Connaught Place then..

And Connaught Place last night..

But I'm in Pune, about 70km south of Mumbai, so it's still ok as of now.

Further from the news:

"The Indian Mujahideen, regarded by security agencies as a front of the Lashkar-Huji terror machine, has claimed responsibility for the blasts. The Indian Mujahideen email, titled "the Message of Death", said: "In the name of Allah, Indian Mujahideen strikes back once more. ... Do whatever you can. Stop us if you can.""

The Mujahideen is an Islamic terrorist group that operate from the northern state of Kashmir.

Another case of Muslim terrorists?? When will this end? Fighting for their rights by murdering people? Terrorists in USA can claim on the US government's dirty tactics against them in the local scene, but there's no reason to emulate them here in India, or anywhere else.

Is it just me, or am I right to say that Islam is the cause of many evils?

"The first blast took place at Ghaffar Market at 6.10 pm. Soon after that, two explosions rocked Connaught Place, one at Barakambha Road near Gopaldas Building at 6.30 pm and the other near the Metro station at the Central Park at 6.31 pm. Almost simultaneously, a blast hit M-block market in Greater Kailash-I near McDonald's and seven minutes later another bomb went off near Prince Pan Corner in the same market.

Police say the first blast in Karol Bagh was the result of a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinder explosion. The impact of the blasts in Karol Bagh could be gauged by the fact that an auto was thrown up in the air and got caught in the electrical wires. "The terrorist have used the CNG autorickshaw to maximise the impact and we have so far not been able to find the number plate of the vehicle," said a police officer.

That's the autorickshaw that got 'thrown up in the air and got caught in the electrical wires' lol. Indians are so good at making drama out of everything, including this wakaka.

I also was in Karol Bagh during the same previous trip, at this hotel called BB Palace. I wonder if the guys I know there are all still in one piece, or they're hanging on the electrical wires in a few bloody chunks.

Sorry la watch too many Hindi dramas ady keke.

According to the news, security's gona be beefed up at the main cities around the critical areas like Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and Bangalore, for fear of continued attacks, at the worst. And people are advised not to go to these hotspots and put travel plans on hold for the time being.

So thanks to Wikimapia, I'm able to check out the locations of action to see if our paths crosses, and feel more secure, hopefully.

And I cross-check it with my route..Pune -> Nagpur -> Bangalore -> Mumbai.
Which means..

Hell yeah I feel so much more secure now @_@

This is what you call sending the sheep to the lion's den. *Be-ee-ee-eek*

I think things should be ok though. I've made it as far as Pune Airport enroute to Nagpur and now it's boarding time. And in past cases, there were no subsequent attacks in other states.

But just in case (I said Just In Case) anything unexpected happens, somebody please teach me some "Islamic vulgar" in case I have to use them as last words face to face with these buggars.

Cheers! I'll be back! -EVo-
Read original news report here.

*UPDATE* : I'm at Nagpur now people.Everything went well!But there's no internet at d hotel so I'm at this little dingy cybercafe 20 minutes away from hotel, hence the short update with no reply to anyone (I'll get back2u all soon,promise!). Gosh, the walk along d dark street to here, d dirty yellow keyboard that's soiling my fingers as I type, u gota be here to really know how it's like. And the freaking mozzies here r like housefly size. Alamak!

P.S. I love my psychkin, can? :P

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cc said...

Gosh, that's terrible! Stay safe!

selena said...

dear...why must you be there at times like this? sigh...good to know u check your route first, but sigh...

Pete said...

Sad, innocent people got killed. Take care.

eehui said...

take care!! great job on the map illustration!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

be careful while you're there. next time i visit india u have to be alive and well as my tour guide hehehe

eunice said...

So scary! I heard of those attacks in India too. Does it affect your stay? Take care!

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