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Holy crap. This has gota be the picture of the day. (courtesy of

I guess everybody knows by now that Thailand has now been declared in a state of emergency that was due to the growing unrest and major, Very Major demonstrations by protestors during the past week.

When I heard about the airports being closed, the first thing that came to my mind was...

My staff Shasa who's half Thai and back in her hometown during the long weekend. I'm really so caring.




I was thinking "Shasa, make sure you make it back to office in time on Tuesday ya! >_<"

Hehe. Well she did la. Just in time too. And this weekend she'll be going back again. Should I call that brave?

*Small Update* Ju Ann, I think you might wanna consider pushing your Bangkok trip a little later. Unless you're good at smuggling self defense equipment i.e. helmet, bullet proof armor, shield etc into your check-in luggage..

And Shasa was so nice. So far in advance give me my bday prezzie ady.


"From : Kely & Celvi" hmm...wasn't it supposed to be Kelly & Selvi?


Shall check out what's inside later. I hope it's not some ganas-jampi thing from Thai keke.

I noticed one thing as I casually walked into office this morning..the parking lot is full of Peroduas.

creepy huh.


FYI I did drive a kancil for a very short time last time. Almost could add on to this collection keke.

OKAY, gtg back to work now. The aircond in starbucks is increasingly freezing. Good thing for my hot choc: It's my must-have despite my having a cough *uhuk uhuk*


5 commentos:

Pete said...

Happy Birthday Evo!

cc said...

An early birthday wishes to you then! :)

Perodus family gathering?! LOL

Patrick said...

wah, got a full range of perodua vehicles there..only short of the kembara, rusa and nautica!HEHEHE..

Ju Ann said...

My mom tried to make me cancel the BKK trip but I called the SG embassy in BKK itself to ask about the situation and all's fine they say~ Just avoid the Grand Palace and gov house areas.

Me and my sis were quite adament to go lar. Read forums online that those people who were there at the time of the riots didn't even know about it till they got back!

don't worry your colleague will be back for sure. :)

besides, there were fewer tourists! :D

Jennifer said...

happy birthday to u !
happy birthday to u !
ops...sorry...happy birthday to eu veng...
happy birthday to u !

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