Not quite as expected..

I always thought that merdeka countdowns were fun. Apparently it was not to be.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go for the movie. Death Race was ok, it wasn't to blame. Just that I just felt a stale feeling, as if things weren't quite the same as before. I hated the feeling, wanted to hide from it, but I know better than living in denial.

I'm just too stubborn to believe that people move on, coz I haven't.

I also dunno why there weren't fireworks at sunway. Poor people jamming in their cars and wasting fuel lol.

And how long more do I have to wait??

Sorry for the vague post, but it's meant to be that way.

I'll just let this festive season slip away and myself to sleep in tomorrow.


3 commentos:

Pete said...

Fuel price expensive, people still jamming the street!

cc said...

Ah, the stale feeling, the disappointment. It will pass, you'll feel better. :)
Stay well.

Ju Ann said...

Hey.. cheer up! :)

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