Wednesday Night Fever

Hello hello!!

To those who're expecting the 2nd part of 30 hour famine, I'm gona have to disappoint you for just a bit more, coz there was just no time4that today!

Remember I spoke about Rudy who was the co-emcee of the event?

It turns out that we share something in common..Love for Music - Jamming!



Wehehehe, I don't mean the game, but the real thing. That's what happened today..Rudy, his friend Shakir, bro and I met in SS15 Rhythmix for our first Jamming Session.



So while I continue typing into Part 2 of 30 Hr famine, I'd like you to check out our videos..they're just ready babeh! and please, please, good or bad, leave me your comments. Enjoy! It's safe for work, provided you don't mind busting your speakers ;)

Bro's on drums, Rudy's on vocals, Shakir's on bass (with the ski cap) and I'm on guitar (guy with the ass blocking the camera).


Track # 1 : My Chemical Romance - I Don't Love you. All time favorite but I ran out of space at the last 30 seconds! >_<



Track # 2 : Buckcherry - Sorry.


Track # 3 : Pearl Jam - Last Kiss. Must see lah coz I'm doing the vocals ^^



Track # 4 : Green Day - Wake me Up when September Ends.



Guitarist & Vocalist

Vocalist & Drummer


Hope the videos helped to make your day! Or completely ruin your working morale keekkeke.

Rudy, Shakir, damn good session lar. Must do again soon!


5 commentos:

e s t a n c u s said...

two tight slaps for rudy! yay!
(i also dunno why, just felt like it)


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

wa wa wa evo so talented LOL high five!

EVo said...

[estancus] Woi, why slap my vocalist man! whack u with ur kendo stick la!kekeke

[slowcatchup] Long time no see la catchup...thanks lor! my first comment, so happy! my voice very 'lum' or not?

Jennifer said...

Hai EV...很棒哦! Let us see ur handsome face next time....加油!

EVo said...

[jennifer] xie xie lor hehe!cannot..i only like to show my ass..if wanna see my face then must come watch me perform live :P

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