I missed Avril Lavigne's gig! :(




So do you think she's 'too sexy'? If your answer is 'yes', then I have the perfect thing for you.



1 copy


There you go...better now?

Seriously lor, these 'protestors' should go back and do a thorough search through their books to try to justify their claims again *shakes heads in disgust*.

We have world class facilities and infrastructure, but with the mentality of these people, we will always be considered a third world country. Things will take a Really long time to change.

Here's wishing all the best of luck to the next concert that stars a female...but no fear, we're never short of some jokers who will kick up a fuss! haha..


5 commentos:

kenwooi said...

i agree with you! =)

e s t a n c u s said...

wei..u missed out covering the hands... lol!

Pete said...

Ha Ha, LOL

Mellissa said...

In addition to E S T A N C U S, I think you missed covering the nose and mouth as well. Hehehe

Ju Ann said...

dude! This is damn funny~!!!!!!

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