Tech Break : Apple introducing new iPods on September 9th?



'There's been a lot of iPod chatter in the air lately and now MacRumors and Ars Technica say that we'll be seeing El Steve boom-boom some new gear on September 9th. No specifics on what's in store, but new nanos are obviously on the table, as is that rumored subscription service and possibly a new iPod touch at a lower price. Anything you guys hoping for?'

FuAHH!! And I got my nano only 5 months ago..babi apple.

Note : Excerpt only. Original article here.

2 commentos:

cc said...

They will always come out with better and more advanced pods. I'm sill happy with my second generation ipod mini. :)

EVo said...

Well..I'm happy with my nano too..but has its own special way of giving u the 'not-as-happy-as-if-u-had-the-new-one' feeling lol...

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