30 Hour Famine Post Morto! (Part I)

Alright...here it is! due to very popular demand I'm putting a full length post on the 30 hr famine!

I guess that's what happens when you're the dude with the camera >.< I simply can't imagine how the Pros go about doing this..Hundred of Mbs of pics all over..*uuuarrgh* (with many other people breathing down your neck for the pics lol).

Update: In addition to pics, my lappie had to go bonkers and crash. Again I had to repair it at 1am this morning. Ish.

U guys owe me one for the pics. All forms of payment are accepted except for koko krunch, v soy or diamond mineral water haha.

Famine this year was a Blast!!

Every year I think to myself 'Should I go again'? Usually the answer BEFORE famine is 'Okkkkayy lor', but after the famine it's usually 'Gosh I'm so glad I was there!'

Especially this time, where the people I met were just great.

Introducing..... the venue!

 Pic 127_resize

The camp this year was held in two parts: 26 hrs in Help Coll + 4 hours in Hockey Stadium Bkt Jalil for the countdown. You actually can do the 26 hours yourself, that's why they call it a DIY camp. But c'mon, why go that way when you can do it with 800 other people, in the face of some exciting entertainment??

Pic 141_resize 
Or rather, 'sex-citing' entertainment. Woo hoo!

Belly dancing was just part of the whole agenda, strategically slotted in during the night to awaken those who succumbed to the hunger and have started to writh all over the floor with froth spilling from the sides of their mouth lol.

My famine started extra early Saturday morning, and while all other participants happily reached HELP after 8am, me, Psychkin and bro shiok sendiri and drove out before sunrise! Kekeke Psychkin was a volunteer ma. Assistant Camp Leader tau, dun play play.

Pic 267_resize


I was completely taken by surprise when I found out who the emcee of the event was. Remember Marcus who always comments / Spams / berborak on my blog? The same guy who I called Marcus TES / STEM and even syndicated his feed on my blog?

Yep, he was the emcee! And a damn good one he is!


Pic 009_resize 
Holding hands over a plate of meehoon. Now that's love. LOL


Btw the guy on the left is Yung Chien / Vin / YC. Marcus is on the right. Dunno why YC always says Marcus is handsome. OK only ma.



Ahh..ini baru muka hensem. Wakakkaa.


Alrightty then...Arrival of participants at 9am!

Pic 013_resize



Pic 024_resize


The last meal with Psychkin & Bro...


Pic 019_resize Pic 020_resize

Tsk tsk tsk. Posers.


Pic 015_resize
Poser with triple chin -__-


Pic 025_resize Pic 026_resize
Alex & Fu Fu waiting for their groupies to arrive.


Pic 031_resize

Pic 033_resize

Taking pics of the photographers and the photographees.


Pic 038_resize
I know this blogger! It's


Pic 054_resize
Bro was (obviously) in Group 2.


Famine in HELP was Always fun. Sometimes the more may not be merrier, coz during famine last year in Stadium Putra, it was near impossible to mobilize 6000 people so all the activities were held in the petak-petak kumpulan masing-masing. Yucks.

This year's Famine Challenge game was different. We were split up into groups of 5 and were supposed to play 'Family' where we were supposed to run around collecting little coupons for housing necessities based on our limited 'budget'. I became 'Daddy' (again), and my 'wife' was Alagu. Sansan and Sarah were my 'daughters' and Eugene was my 7 year old son. My 'highest qualification' was Form 3 and I was '50 years old'. Just thinking about the game puts a smile on my face again keke.



Alagu, my 'wife'. Hope her bf never reads this post. Oops.

(I just saw a pic with the Famine theme song 'Tomorrow' lyrics on the screen. I'm not gonna post it..hear the song until scared liao!argh!!)


The next challenge was the 'cardboard-shoe game' that was very coolly managed by the committee since it started to rain. Marcus made it an awesome session and really had me in stitches with some emcee-magic which really, I don't expect of a 23 yr old fresh grad.


Pic 082_resizePic 080_resize 
Me, Wei Chee, Alagu, Sarah, Ifthan! Group 4 booyah!

 Pic 086_resize Pic 101_resize

 Pic 106_resize Pic 118_resize 

I guess psychologists are right when they say that hunger induces hallucinations..check out this contestant..

Pic 111_resize 
Despite the macho male Rudy (Marcus's co-emcee) is, this (male) contestant insists on believing otherwise.


And when everyone starts to slow down in the evening...on comes the performance to spic-ing up the night!


 Pic 136_resize
The Help College what's-her-name singer


Pic 138_resize Pic 146_resize
Phewit!! *nose bleeds*



Pic 149_resize 
Some Penang rappers singing something about char-kueh-tiao. No offence but lah I can't make out what these guys are crapping about


Pic 154_resize 
Now this is what I call harmonics. See Fu Fu and Yungchien go Alcapella!


Pic 156_resize
Miss Malaysia 2007 Deborah Henry goes on stage! Lengluuuiii..


Pic 158_resize
And Miss Malaysia 2007 taking a casual pic with me! Happy!

*Important Note* : She's standing on 4 inch heels, no joke. I always tell Psychkin..If not for those heavy TVs while I was working in Sony for a year, I would be 5 inches taller than I am now. No Joke also ya. Buahaha.

There was also this band, which also I can't remember the name..I believe it sounded like 'Man Hamb' or something. Sounding abit like LMF, this gang was a Hit! Encore!

Pic 161_resize


2 Emcees and me

Pic 130_resize


Last but not least, LIU YI SE, the singer / song-writer who made the song 'Tomorrow' possible with her cute voice. I can never forget how Alex was complaining over and over again that he didn't expect her to look like that - aka 'Auntie'. Wakaaka.


Pic 185_resize






You might be thinking, it's 11pm and we've been fasting for almost 12 hours..but who's hungry?? No one!! We've got the Power!! *maximum corny*. It's always a relief when night comes cause you know you can get some rest, not for your growling tummy, but for your tired feet and throat from all that screaming. So where does everyone sleep?


Pic 195_resize
Che-wah. Sleeping also look hensem.


Some prefer not to sleep and hang around doing stuff like....

Pic 191_resize
Chor Dee + Camwhore


Pic 193_resize
Couple yang bercumbu-cumbu~



Pic 189_resize
HANTU!! kakkaakaka...


That's all for Part 1 folks. I gota get to work now.

Tomorrow...Part 2! Guang Liang and 'the Jump'!!

-from a smangated EVo-

7 commentos:

cc said...

Very interesting and meaningful to participate in such event. Good on you!

EVo said...

[cc] Yeah yeah!been doing it for 3 years now..n will do it as much as I can. It's worldwide though..do u have it at your location?

Daryl Teo said...

Hey dude i like the pic with Ms. Malaysia! Yeah babeah! Eh btw where's your hand ah? LOLX.

jėss.T said...

charity, beautiful! =)

glad ur playing a part. btw, isit triple chin or triple neck? HAAHAHHAHAHA.

i saw miss priya deborah henry


e s t a n c u s said...

ur is not muka handsome, sadly, when you pose like that, its more like muka mau kena penampar! LOL

nice one.

(ps. brain block la. HOW?)

RUDY said...

Hey Bro! i m gonna grab some of ur pics k?
ahhhh m i entitled for the cert as well? since i m also there for 15 hours, lol. i deserve half the cert i guess! :-)

EVo said...

[daryl teo] Yeah man. she's very friendly and down to earth too lah. She has a calm and smooth voice, so that makes her a very good speaker. So I'm happy! My hand ah..also at a place that makes me happy! :P

[jess.t] Yeah it was a lota fun lor.if only i stumbled on ur blog earlier then i would've asked you to go to :\ it's nice to know how charitable u r =)

[estancus] he he he..no updates geh..i'm guessing ur PC is still the-formatting rightz? keekeke

[rudy] go ahead n grab 'em man!if u want d ori pics i can send u too geh :) btw our videos our up!yeah man!

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